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Why are many basketball players wearing socks that come up past their knees?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) January 28th, 2015
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Is it just fashion, or are there health benefits?

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I think it’s just fashion.

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I’d say tradition.

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Their legs are cold.

Seriously, the ventilation systems in some of the larger arenas are not very good – there are wind currents that pass from one portal to another. So they cover their legs for warmth.

When winter is over, they’ll go back to their regular socks.

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Falling and skidding on that smooth floor causes a burn that hurts like hell! Maybe the socks are there to prevent these burns. Or to aid in sliding into the cheerleaders when they fall…

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Forgive my ignorance I rarely watch sports.

Are you sure they are just socks and not calf sleeves or compression socks?

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They certainly appear to be socks, @Unbroken. I own some.

Thanks, all.

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