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What is your favorite kind of soup?

Asked by Kardamom (32906points) February 1st, 2015
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This Q was asked in November of 2013, but there are lots of different members here now so I think it’s OK to ask it again. Plus lots of you folks are probably up to your eyeballs in snow and it would be nice to have some hot soup.

Of course, it’s sunny and warm here in Southern California, as always, but since I’m feeling sick, some soup might be nice.

Do you like to make homemade soup, or do you prefer soup from a can or a carton, or maybe an instant kind of soup (if so what brands?) or do you prefer a particular soup from a specific restaurant?

What other foods do you like to have with your soup?

When/if you make homemade soup, do you always make extra and freeze some of it for later?

Links to good soup recipes are very welcome. Photos of soup are good too.

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Tomato, sprinkled with a stock cube (Oxo beef)
I despise tomatoes…go figure.

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I like vegetable soup with the letter shaped pasta in it, so I can spell out swear words while I’m eating. And as far as canned soups go, it’s pretty much the best I found.
When I was little my grandma made home made soup, it was great, better than any other soup. But that was a hell of a long time ago.
I also like pea soup because it looks like a bowl full of vomit. Vomit is cool.

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Old-fashioned home-made chicken soup made with a local chicken, whose name I know, that I have seen grazing on local grass and scraps. My daughter brewed me a huge potful recently. We froze quarts of it and will add fresh dill when we reheat it.

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Mushroom with a shitload of crackers in it.

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Soljanka, thick, with crème fraîche

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My wife’s Chicken, Vegetable, and Noodle

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I wonder what I answered in 2013? If I answered.

My favorites are lentil, split pea, chicken matzoh ball, and minestrone.

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Lobster Bisque is my current favorite. I had it the past two days in a row at “Zoup!” Delicious.

Lentil is a standard favorite.

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Fresh clam chowder.

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@ibstubro Lobster Bisque for me too. Or Cream of Asparagus.

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One of my favorite soups is the raw Humanese soup from Au Lac in Fountain Valley.

I love Hot and Sour Soup

And Thai Tom Kha Gai

And Egg Drop Soup

And Navy Bean Soup

And Bean and Mushroom Soup

I almost forgot Beer Potato Cheese Soup

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Vegetable soup and pumpkin soup.

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Potato Leek soup / Vichyssoise
Chicken soup with lots of vegetables

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Oh and lentil soup!

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Vietnamese Pho, Chinese Won Ton, and any of the coconut-based Thai soups.

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@Pachy Yes, yes, yes! Said in the voice of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

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Pho, no questions asked. I’ve been in Central America for the past 6 months and about 2 months in started just craving pho like no other. 5 hours back in the US I had to get me some pho. I may go get it again tomorrow actually.

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Clam Chowder. oh, wait. That’s a chowder, not a soup

Won Ton soup or garlic noodles.

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Homemade vegetable soup or Butternut Squash soup. I Make both quite often.

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Tomato Bisque if I have a grilled cheese sandwich to back it up with.

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I like thick, chicken soup and my equal favourite, pea soup. I also like French onion soup.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Yes, chicken, pea, French Onion, and bean soup. I make an awesome one.

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@Adirondackwannabe Do you use those special yummy peas you were telling me about? I love pea soup with a piece of crusty buttered sourdough bread.

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Yes, and a ham hock or two. Let me think of a veggie alternative.

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Any liquid that’s served in the Souperbowl is the best! ;-p

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@Kardamom I think I’ve got the basics down, let me finish it off. It starts with tofu, vegetable boullion, and goes from there.

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Depends on the mood but butternutsquash and miso are usually great nuetrals I didn’t see see mentioned

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@Adirondackwannabe I like Rapunzel brand vegetarian boullion. This should be some good soup. What a shame that it’s about 82 degrees here right now.

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Probably Greek Lemon soup that can be found in many good Greek diners. Not sure if it’s called Lemon Chicken Soup or what, exactly it’s called, but it’s chicken soup, a little creamy with lemon in it. Very excellent.

I also like homemade chicken soup. It’s one of the few things I cook. Just onions, celery, carrot and chicken all boiled together, and maybe pasta or rice in it.

Hot and sour soup is great too, but only if it’s nice and sour. That can be found at most Chinese restaurants.

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I make vegetable soup every Sunday and eat it off and on during the week

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Tomato! Or tortilla

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Beef barley noodle soup.

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Corn soup, hand down!

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@jca Not sure if it’s called Lemon Chicken Soup

It’s called Avgolemono at the diners around here. Great stuff!

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Vegetable beef.

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War wonton soup.

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Maryland crab soup.

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I like pasta fagioli, Italian wedding soup and old-fashioned, homemade chicken and rice soup the best.

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I love so many types of soup I don’t even know where to begin.

I love tomato bisque
I love Greek egg lemon soup
I love Thai Tom Kha Gai
I love Vietnames Pho of all flavors
I love Japanese Miso

I could go on and on. Soup is good.

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The soup of the day was Minestrone, with unlimited salad and bread sticks. two bowls, now a nap.

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Clam chowder
Chicken noodle

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Day before yesterday I had seafood bisque with lobster and ricotta ravioli.
Yesterday was curry lentil.

Yup. Still lobster bisque, hands down.

Maybe some New England clam chowder today.

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Today was Ramen. A traditional favorite of my people. lol

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@majorrich I prefer soba ~

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New answer; Placenta soup.

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Udon is better than ramen AND soba…

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I buy Sapporo Ichiban by the case

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I bought Lobster Bisque today at Menards in one of those square soup boxes. I can’t wait to try it. 17 oz. for under $3.

Hopefully tomorrow.

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Tonight I ate Lobster Bisque that I bought in a cardboard carton at Menards for about $2.87.
It was delicious. Probably the best canned soup I’ve eaten. SOUPMAN was the brand…I’m sure it’s available elsewhere. If you want to try Menards, hurry, it might have been clearanced, as the shelf tag was red!

I’m going to try to get some more tomorrow. :)

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And then of course the soups described in this video

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When I’m sick I love a good chicken soup, it just instantly makes me feel better. I also love pumpkin soup with roasted sunflower seeds sprinkled on top and some oven baked bread, bit on the toasted side. I’m not a fan of canned soup, something about the taste that puts me off, so when I make soup I tend to make a bit extra and freeze it, that way I have the best of both worlds, my favorite home made soup any time I feel like it.

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I like cream of potato with bacon, chicken noodle and tomato basil. I also like pasta and bean, lobster bisque and vegetable soup with pasta. When we get take-out, won ton soup and egg drop soup are favorites. The local fish market has great New England clam chowder and I add saltines or oyster biscuits. I make broccoli and cheddar soup at home since I found an easy recipe for it.

I add crumbled cheese sticks and this is a fast family meal everyone likes, especially on chilly nights or when we feel really hungry.

My mother gave me her chicken rice soup recipe (she only uses chicken breasts, no dark meat) and I make it when anyone in the house has a cold. It might be the power of suggestion, but it seems to relieve our congestion. Yes, we are definitely soup lovers!

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