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Do you still open snail mail advertisements?

Asked by StaceyD (215points) February 6th, 2015
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My email box is overflowing with literally thousands of unwanted solicitations. Fortunately, most land in the spam box now. On the other hand, I hardly ever get any snail mail ads anymore. A decade ago, people referred to them as junk mail. Now I find they are actually really useful. They usually have great coupons or something free, like a pen or calendar. I read two articles about it – one indicates there are times when snail mail is still better and the other states direct mail ads are still effective in 2015 – do you think snail mail ads are still relevant and do you open them? I know they are for me – last week I got a wine coupon in the mail and I went to another store, further from my house, to get the deal.

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I do if they are things I am interested in: the grocery store circulars (the print version is easier to see than online), the occasional catalogue.

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I do, for the coupons. I also find them particularly helpful when I move into a new neighbourhood, so I can get a sense of what restaurants are close by and delivering.

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For things I sent for. Like career opportunities fro ICS and other career schools.

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I never did to begin with.

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Also I read pizza ads.

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Sometimes. If it’s from a department store I like to shop in. Other than that, no. We just had an election and I found avalanche of letters from candidates irritating to say the least.

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Like @Symbeline, I never did before. I don’t even open the bank statements…I know what they say.
The only mail I open is the insurance bill. I open the credit card bill, but usually after it’s paid itself.

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@ibstubro LOL I never open bank statements either. I know I’m fuckin broke, don’t need them to tell me.

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You bet I do. Sure, the signal to noise ratio is rather low, but every now and then something appears at the right time and I take advantage of it,

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