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Is it really free to go to college in Florida if you are a resident?

Asked by StaceyD (215points) February 8th, 2015
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With college coming up for my kids, a friend mentioned tuition was free for Florida residents at certain state schools. Is this true? Do you have to be a resident for a year or more? How does it work? Any info is greatly appreciated.

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No, it will not be free. But there are reduced tuition rates for an in-state resident.
Florida State University

Florida residency requirements for tuition purposes.

What state do you live in? Having your child apply to the state university or a local community college for two years will be your cheapest option.

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It’s not free, but more than one of the state schools have very reasonable tuition prices compared to other states. You need to be a resident a year to qualify for in-state tuition in Florida. Your child can establish residency after high school living and working in FL as an independent adult, or you can move down here while she is still in high school and establish residency. Once she is in college in FL she can’t switch to being in-state (unless that has changed recently) meaning being out of state her freshman year will mean she is out of state all four years. That’s all colleges and universities in all states as far as I know.

What state are you in? Have you put any money into a college fund with your state that locks tuition prices?

It looks like “this” site has a lot of good information for the FL public university costs.

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Oops. Here is the link.

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Many states’ schools have very cheap tuition for residents.

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Some of the trick is living expenses. My university (not in FL) isn’t cheap on tuition, but living expenses were very reasonable.

I second what @jca said that many states’ schools have reasonable tuition.

Also, some states have reciprocal agreements with other states. Some of the reciprocal agreements are only for particular majors. There is a Southern reciprocal agreement, a Midwestern one, probably others. You have to check for details on what states actually participate.

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