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How many bras do you own?

Asked by rojo (24179points) March 12th, 2015
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I read that, on average, a woman owns nine bras.

Are you somewhere in that range?

What is the split between Plain and Fancy?

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I’m not tellin’.

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I’ll have to count but I’d say 9 is probably close. Split between plain and fancy is probably 50/50.

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I just use bandages.

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More than nine. I too would have to count them. I like pretty underwear. I tend to buy it just because I like it rather than because I need it.

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There are a few bikini tops on the boat, left by their former owners who found that that particular piece of clothing is quite redundant, possibly even uncomfortable, down here. I haven’t exactly claimed ownership, but as their owners are long gone, I suppose they are now mine by default.

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Including sports bras I think it’s 14. I wear 4 of them on a consistent basis. 3 are sports bras. 1 is a strapless. 1 is deep plunge (I never wear it). 4 are lacy. 1 is an electric-ish green molded cup that I wear sometimes in the summer under tanks.

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Useful for semaphore @Espiritus_Corvus? Could be handy.

I don’t think I want to list what I’ve got @JLeslie. I’d look like a bra addict.

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LOL. There are worse addictions.

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I think I have eight. None of them are particularly fancy, but they fit right and that’s what I worry about.

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@tedibear I always say the ugly bras tend to make the prettiest clothes. Especially when you live down where I do in t-shirt land.

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None yet.

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I keep “retired” bras for emergencies. I have them in all different places, so I don’t want to count. But if I count ones that don’t fit anymore..maybe 15? I don’t have any fancy ones that still fit me :(

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Three comfy bras. If I want to be fancy I go without.

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jonsblond-You mean Fancy Free?? Lol

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Yes! =)

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5, but one of them is a sports bra.

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9?! Jesus. I own 4 and that’s up recently from 2. I rewear and don’t wash my bras very often. I think lots of ladies are secretly guilty of this one, though.

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I “own” all the wife’s when I tear them off, sometimes with my teeth.

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1 regular bra (with the underwire poking through).
2 nursing bras (one with the underwire poking through).
1 nursing bra that is very thin and not acceptable out of the house.
1 sports bra

Woefully inadequate, but I keep waiting (for time, for money, for not nursing any more, for weight loss, etc).

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I hate underwire!!!!!! NO WIRE BRAS EVAHHH

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Underwire – not fun.
Floppy DDD boobs – also not fun.

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@Cupcake I agree….I have Fs! I only own one underwire bra and almost never use it. I’d rather have the girls a little further down than be strangled and cut into.

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5–6 maybe.

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6 or 7 I think. None of them are plain, they’re all pretty but 4 of them are particularly sexy.

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7–9. I got most of them as hand-me-downs. I hate shopping, and I have an aunt that loves to shop…perfect combination!

None are what I’d call “fancy”.

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