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Why would the roosters eat the eggs?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44398points) March 16th, 2015
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Someone on facebook said she hasn’t been getting any eggs from her chickens lately and now she knows why. She had just watched two of her roosters eat freshly laid eggs.

Why the hell would they do that? I mean, isn’t having eggs their prime directive?

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Hopefully, Coloma will appear with advice from experience, but in the meantime, from a website for people with backyard chickens:

“Egg eating often starts when an egg is accidentally broken in the nest box, and the hen pecks at it. Finding that this weird yellow substance is tasty, they will quickly devour it, and when they lay their next egg- look for more. Other hens that catch the original one doing this habit may even join in- and you’ll end up with a whole flock of egg eaters. ”

They offer tips of breaking roosters of the habit – maybe you can pass them on.

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Thanks. I will.

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It isn’t all the unusual. Hens usually don’t eat their own, but they will eat the eggs of others. Roosters that aren’t well fed will do it. Are you surprised that males are following their peckers?

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Poultry cannibalism… gotta love it.

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Oh @Adirondackwannabe! Ok, twas funny!

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They were hungry

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Same reason why the chicken crossed the road…cluck knows!!

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