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Do you have a favorite recipe for Irish Soda Bread?

Asked by David_Achilles (1780points) March 17th, 2015
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I know that it is pretty straight forward and doesn’t have too many ingredients but sometimes I find that the simplest recipes, for example Yorkshire Pudding, can be the hardest to nail down. There seem to be a lot of variants in things like cooking time that affect the final product.

My recipe for Irish Soda Bread is from the New York Times. You cook it in a cast iron skillet in the oven. It comes out much moister than most other breads that I’ve ever tasted. I brought some to work today and someone told me it tasted more like Irish Soda Cake.

My recipe :
(I don’t use caraway seeds)

So, how do you like your Irish Soda Bread to taste? Do you have an old family recipe to share? Make sure you include info on the type of pan you use for it, etcetera….if you would be so kind as to share.

Thank you!

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The only bread I eat on St Patrick’s Day is Jewish Rye Bread, the best way to eat corned beef.

My favorite recipe for Irish Soda Bread is to go get some at the grocery store (ours sells it this time of year).

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I had Irish soda bread for the first time at a Shindig just before St. Pat’s day, and I must say it was pretty dry and tasteless.
Is that typical?
I could get the recipe easily enough.

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ibstubro -I was never a big fan of it for just that reason, dry, tasteless, but my wife loves it and enjoys the store bought Irish Soda Bread. In an effort to find a palatable version I decided to make my own, because, how hard could that be? I found the New York Times recipe which I’ve cited above and I love it. But I was just curious about most people’s preferences.

Like the Smitten Kitchen author states, it is far from “authentic” but it sure is tasty!
Thanks for answering.

One change I made to the recipe is to use a 12” instead of a 10” skillet. It still puffs up nicely and it takes less time to cook. Mine comes out perfect after 30–35 minutes in the middle rack of the oven.

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