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Is there a movie you've learned to appreciate?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) April 18th, 2015
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I mean, a movie you’ve watched in the past and disliked, for whatever reason. But then, you may have seen it later, and decided that it was pretty cool after all.

What movie was it, why did you not like it? And why do you like it now? What changed?

For example, I watched Conan the Destroyer last night. I had no idea what movie to watch, so I go, what the hell. I’ve been watching the first Arnold Conan movie since I was 10, always loved it. But I never liked the second one. It’s on the same disc as the first movie, so I’m watching it…what I didn’t like was that it’s nowhere near as epic as the first, the acting is terrible, it’s campy and too much of it seems like humor. But these things are what I ended up loving about it last night. I haven’t watched it in years, so I do not know what changed in me that made me like what I previously didn’t like about it. But…that’s that. I typically love bad movies though, especially if it’s low budget horror… but this is Conan. Hell I even changed my avatar here in honor of my new found love for the movie.

I also didn’t remember this movie having so much action and monsters and crap in it. Destroyer drops all the ambiance, cuts to the chase and just gets right in there…in a way, that fits the Conan character pretty damn well.

Oh, and Zula ftw!

Anyways. That’s my answer. So, you? Feel free to add more than one movie if you have more than one for this question, and TV shows count as well.

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I despised Enchanted the first time my daughter watched it but have since conceded that it is a pretty decent movie.

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Rambo III
First Blood is fucking epic, Part II is bloody good too, but the third one I thought was shite when I saw it first. the more you watch it though, you see a bloody fine film, unashamed of it’s roots & does exactly what it says on the tin…the fourth film however, stank the place out.

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Also, The Wolfman, the one with Benicio del Toro.
Thought it was pale in comparison with the Lon Chaney jr original, but actually, it’s a worthy effort.

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@ucme I remember being puzzled with all the negativity toward that remake. It seemed a good enough ride to me with some of the best wolfman style makeup I’ve seen. I can’t help but wonder if it was one of those times where people felt better crapping on something as a collective rather than sticking their neck out to express a more nuianced individual opinion.

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Star Trek Nemesis.
Because no matter how bad it was, it is still better then the AbramsDreck.

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For a long time, I didn’t care to see The Longest Day (WW2-D-Day movie). I had heard it was too long, no plot, and so on.

I saw it a couple of years ago. It’s still long :-) but it actually tells a good story. So I came around to appreciating it.

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Imagine, Arnold really did look like that, at one time.

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I’ve seen the Brady Bunch movie on the guide several times but never watched it because I thought it would be shit. I watched it the other night and….......... uh,...... Never mind, bad example.

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@Hypocrisy_Central He did. I had the hots for him as a kid lol. Not so much anymore. XD

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Heard a lot of people talk smack about them, and I’m not saying they were great, but the twilight movies were at least a little entertaining. Had a few nifty fight scenes and displays of super powers.

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I’ve been thinking and looking at a huge list of films and I’m having a hard time thinking of any film I disliked and changed my mind about, but I think there are probably at least a few, especially if I think of my younger distastes.

There’s Forrest Gump, though I still don’t like it enough to want to sit through it.

Not a film, but I couldn’t watch South Park or Family Guy at first, so I didn’t give them a chance. Oh, and olde Doctor Who. X-Files took a few attempts before I liked it. Oh, so did Everybody Loves Raymond.

@elbanditoroso The Longest Day is one of the best World War II moves.

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Ha, Family Guy. For some reason, I just can’t stand that show. Not sure why…it doesn’t offend me or anything. But I find it so hard to like the characters. They’re so…fucking stupid. I don’t know what everyone sees in Stewie. Ugh.

I do love American Dad though.

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@fundevogel Count me out, I go my own fucking way & the film grew on me.

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Two come to mind:
* Groundhog Day With the first viewing, it just seemed silly and repetitive. The second time around, Bill Murray’s character’s development was found to be quite clever.

* The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie I liked it the first time. The second time, it dawned on me how self-absorbed and clueless the main character is. Maggie Smith plays the part brilliantly.

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Not a movie but the firefly series. Watched a few of them during its actual run and was not impressed. I revisited it after watching Serenity and was blown away.

I did not think much of Oblivion because it stared Tom Cruise but if you overlook that it was epic.

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@ucme I didn’t think I was counting you in…?

I can’t think of a movie where my opinion changed very much for the positive. Unfortunately visiting childhood favorites can be a souring experience. However I did an about turn on my stance on the Beastie Boys. Originally they drove me up the wall, then something clicked and now I can genuinely enjoy them.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I for while I couldn’t watch Tom Cruise either, but he got a full pardon when I saw his performance in Tropic Thunder (nsfw). Right now Mel Gibson is the only actor I can’t bring myself to watch for reasons of asshattery.

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@fundevogel I’ve no doubt that you weren’t, felt it needed saying anyway.
Always best to distance oneself from the vocal dross crowd.

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