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Can anyone point to any article or paper, etc. where scientist or biologist have found a true bona fide homosexual animal?

While reflecting on some past threads where the notion of gay animals came up and some believe there are gay animals, usually hanging their hat on the Bonobos (which is not all-inclusive), I went out earnestly seeking to answer that question using your scientist, the non-faith based type. Though many species have exhibited homosexual conduct it is not for reasons humans do, extrapolated from reports and papers I have Googled. The only mammal I have seen any of them agree is truly a bona fide homosexual in all of the 4,700 species of mammals and the 9,700 species of birds. However, there is one other mammal that can be called homosexual, I will cover that when I see how many of the truly non-homosexual animals people will try to make homosexual. Maybe there is something I missed Googling, if you have a report, scientific paper, etc. that points out a true bona fide homosexual species, not merely one that shows homosexual behavior do you have a link to it?

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