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What would motivate a younger, modern-day woman, 2015, to paint on eyebrows that look like (forgive the example) giant brown spermatozoa?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) May 13th, 2015
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This week I saw an attractive woman under the age of 40 that had painted on her eyebrows in brown.

Not just my grandmother’s arches, but a solid blob-and-curved-tail.


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Maybe she has no artistic sense. My uncle’s girlfriend painted on her eyebrows, because hers were so light, even though she had brown hair. Hers looked like stock Harley-Davidson handlebars.

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Um, no idea.


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Maybe she doesn’t think it really look like that?

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Wants all eyes on her or wants to set a new trend. Yuck!

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I think most of us would be quite surprised by how others see us vs. how we look to ourselves. At any rate, how this woman chooses to look is just that, her choice.

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They look like eyebrows to me, it was a stretch to see sperm. I think, that without the suggestion you implanted with the question, that most folks would see eyebrows. Just eyebrows.

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What does it matter? This is some level of self expression and decoration, no worse and no better than nose rings, cheek studs, lip rings, or even tattoos.

This is a perfect example of “live and let live”. If you think she’s unattractive, then don’t look at her. As @canidmajor said, it’s a stretch to call those sperm.

I’ve given up trying to impute my taste on how others choose to decorate themselves

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Hopefully, she didn’t have them tattooed !

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It’s quite likely that she overplucked them to the point of near elimination so having to draw them on is more out of necessity than aesthetic choice. Some women just get way too carried away with all the plucking.

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