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Why would people buy a 3' high pepper mill ?

Asked by Aster (19994points) May 22nd, 2015
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I can see the motives for a restaurant possibly but why would a married couple buy a three foot high pepper mill?

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Because it makes their table seem just as fancy as a restaurant. It is a small, non-consequential matter that is amusing in its presence and adds a bit of fun to eating.

What does being married have to do with it?

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Nothing I guess. Was I politically incorrect?

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Sexual inspiration??

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LOL…..the same reason people buy garden Gnomes and other worthless stupidity. haha

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They got it as a gift?

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No @Aster, not politically incorrect. I just wondered if you held married couples to a different standard than singles or unmarried couples? It must mean something for you to frame a question around it.

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Maybe as a topic for conversation. I myself would provide the thing its own seat at the table. That should start a conversation.

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My male SO bought a salt & pepper set that aren’t quite 3 feet high, but pretty close. I asked him why. I think the response was that they were impressive (meaning large) and a good deal (which meant he bought them at the pound shop/dollar store).

They are awkward to use unless standing up. As soon as I get around to emptying their contents, they will be given away to a charity shop. Since that purchase, we picked out a more practical sized set of S&P grinders.

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The same reason some people get a full sized stuffed unicorn

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Because the want to? I’m kind of confused, there’s many reasons to buy something like that. Aesthetic being the first reason that pops up. Maybe it matches some of their other decor.

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They’re up for a part in a Tom Petty video, don’t come around here no more.

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@LuckyGuy I have no idea , sorry.

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I agree with @Blackberry.

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Maybe they didn’t purchase it. Maybe it was a gift as @LuckyGuy suggests.

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