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How can I create content within a webpage? (see video)

Asked by AlbertKinng (247points) May 27th, 2015
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Here is what my client wants: A “Classifieds” or “Personal Ads” page. Here’s what he wants visitors to do: 1. Enter the page 2. Enter text on a form box 3. Click “submit” He also wants: 4. A paypal popup window asking if the visitor is sure about the ad, with a “pay now” button. After sucessful payment, the ad will be live on the page with all the others. He said it would be good if every post is inside of a rounded corners rectangle with a colored background. Can be made with Rapidweaver/Stacks? Here is a video sample I made with keynote just to give you an idea:

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I would think that your client would want an underlying database.

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and how can I achieve that? Please let me know at least where to go to see an idea.

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Sounds like your client wants a professional web developer.

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