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How Do You Add Shade to Your Yard on a Budget?

Asked by StaceyD (215points) June 9th, 2015
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We had to get a few trees removed from our yard after a major storm two years ago. Now we don’t have as much shade and I am trying to find ways to add it without spending a lot of money. I was reading an interesting article and would love a mist garden, but I am also being realistic. We bought an umbrella last year than blew inside out in a rainstorm – that was almost one hundred dollars down the drain. The temporary gazebos never stay in the ground throughout the summer, especially if a big wind comes along. My father thought it was funny to give me a hat with an attached umbrella but that won’t do the trick either. Do you have any ideas that won’t cost thousands of dollars? Thanks!

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You could plant some Lombardy Poplars, fast growing but they don’t last long. But it would give you some shade in the short run.

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I saw in Target or Walmart (not sure which) lawn chairs with attachable umbrellas. I would get those and just attach the umbrella when I’m out using it. Or, at minimum leave the umbrella in the closed position when I’m not outside.

Another option is buy a canopy with wind vents and weigh it down with gallon water jugs or sand bags. If you leave it out all the time it will get worn. The vented canopies are much better than the traditional ones though.

Awnings are a good option too, but I think they are expensive.

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