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What song(s) or music can console you when you're down?

Asked by Pachy (18605points) July 2nd, 2015
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Inspired by the question @Sara25 asked

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At least I thought it was a question from @Sara25. Now I can’t even find the original question, which asked what your favorite song is when you’re happy (I’m paraphrasing).

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China by Tori Amos. It’s such a beautiful, melancholic love song that’s both bittersweet and hopeful.

Land Locked Blues by Bright Eyes

Laughing With by Regina Spektor

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Any side of any Beatles album.

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Love and happiness – Al Green

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You’ve Got a Friend—Carole King

along with the rest of the Tapestry album

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Sinatra’s classic concept album, “Songs for only the Lonely” and “Symphony No. 3: I. Lento – Sostenuto Tranquillo Ma Cantabile”.

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What a Wonderful World

As sung by either Louis Armstrong or Brotha Iz (I’m not fussy).

When I’m 64 by the Beatles
(and whenever I hear it I recall the happy baby being tossed up in the air in the movie “The World According To Garp”)

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Honestly, I pick up my guitar and play.

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Music of Carrie Newcomer

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Bridge Over Troubled Water, either the original Simon & Garfunkle version or Celtic Woman’s version (on their Believe album from 2011)

Virtually anything by Enya

Celtic Woman’s version of You’ll Never Walk Alone (very uplifting)

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers In Your Hair) by Scott
From Great Britain to LA. It Never Rains In Southern California and The Air That I Breathe by Albert Hammond (The Hollies version of the last song is even more uplifting & awesome)

There are undoubtedly many more songs that answer this question, but their titles & artists somehow aren’t popping into my head right now. (Perhaps the fact that the afternoon is getting toasty warm (low 90s Fahrenheit) & I still have my windows open & my a/c off.)

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