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Slow and Slower?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (29786points) July 25th, 2015
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Have things been slow on here? Last day or so have been tough to change pages or answer.

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Yeah. I wasn’t even able to come on here via my bookmarks, I had to do a Goggole search of Fluther, and the first result, which is the site itself didn’t work. Wrote Fluther Symbeline, and got in like that. And now half of what I click on in here doesn’t work, or takes eons to load. Guessing I’ll have trouble posting this answer.

Edit, guess not.

Re edit, editing this was a she dog though.

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Yep, we’ve got a call in to tech support (aka Ben).

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Yep, slow to load but I’m patient. I just click over to another window and wait til the world stops spinning. lol

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I got some speed a few minutes ago.

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Never noticed a slow down.

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For me it’s been sporadically slow. I don’t know how else to best describe it.

It doesn’t lag every time but maybe every third of fourth time.

I hope it gets straightened out soon.

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Storming in red deer text service doesn’t work.

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Certain things seem fairly normal, others slower’n dirt.

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Slow yesterday and slower today. I was about to ask the same when I saw your question.

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I think we may be over the hump. Getting here was speedy again!

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All’s well in the lagoon. Ben has cast out the demon.

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Three cheers for Ben!

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I can feel it too. Thanks Ben the God!

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Wagons ho!

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OMG YES!!!! Just glad it wasn’t just me.

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