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Has anyone updated to windows 10 yet?

Asked by majorrich (14741points) July 29th, 2015
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Has anyone updated to Windows 10 yet? Early thoughts?

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No,but will get it when my W7 net book dies.

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First thanks for the reminder. I’ll go check my mail and update later.

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I upgraded to it this morning. I much prefer it to Windows 8.1, due mainly to the new start menu. Having that separate “desktop” with the Metro tiles was always annoyance. In terms of looks, very similar to Windows 8, but ultimately I think it looks better. Otherwise, I haven’t noticed too much that is different.

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It nagged my mom today to update. She called and asked what to do. She thought it was a scam. I advised her against since she is 70 years old and is so bad at change she still seems puzzled by the “negros” in the McDonalds.

I haven’t used 10 yet. But if it is anything like 8.1 all free tech support ends if she installs it.

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Here goes a brief description of what you can expect from windows 10. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m waiting for all the bugs to be discovered first.

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My company has tried it, and doesn’t recommend upgrading yet unless you feel lucky and/or have a lot of time on your hands to troubleshoot issues, as not all the drivers for every widget that might be in everyone’s computer is ready yet.

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Nope, not yet. I’ll wait until the major bugs are worked out first.
I’m glad I never did upgrade to Win 8.

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I was planning on upgrading from Windows 8.1, but changed my mind when I discovered, via a fortuitous chat session with Corel customer service, that Word Perfect Office X7 Standard wasn’t Win 10 compatible yet. (The was a couple of weeks ago.)

I’m more likely to hang onto Windows 8.1 until I replace my current laptop in a couple of years or so.

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@sahID Yeah, those are the kinds of problems I’d like to avoid by waiting a bit.
What’s the hurry?

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It won’t work with my work’s VPN, so I will be waiting a while.

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I tryed but i failed, and loosed my 8 also

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It started installing about a half hour ago. Here we go!

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HA! it failed! Take that Micro$oft! ISO shopping I suppose.

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It looks nice, but performance is poor compared to Win 7. Perhaps my hardware isn’t completely up to the task. First glance. Looks nice, , but I thought Vega’s looked nice back in the day.

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Yes, no big deal. I had to reset by default programs and default browser (because Microsoft, the little shits, made me default to their apps instead of the ones I chose in Windows 8).

Took about an hour, no hiccups, no big deal. No problems yet, although it has only been 48 hours.

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FINALLY! My computer has installed Windows 10. I’m generally sastified with Windows 10. More organized taskbar and start menu, more powerful performance (it seems), the seach bar working faster than in Windows 8… so far I’m all good with Windows 10.

And it seems that after the upgrade, my computer’s wifi worked much better than before. I wonder if that was the result of the upgrade.

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I’ve received a couple of updates and it appears my performance is getting better. Especially in my boot time. It only takes about 30 seconds to get to the main page after logging in. I had installed an SSD just prior to upgrading though. Cortana still doesn’t like me and won’t speak to me except to tell me jokes.

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