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What can I do to finish this online assignment?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5957points) August 1st, 2015
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So I’m seriously sick of this.

For AP Spanish, we were given a packet that we are supposed to take notes on based on the different chapters that have different lessons for the grammar. It’s not hard, and I know that I can always google the sections of the grammar I need and take notes from a different website, but this just makes it way easier.

In the packet, she gives us a link to the online textbook that also allows us to use the online grammar videos that explain each lesson per section on the packet, but just my luck none of them work. I’ve emailed her and told her and she doesn’t seem to care or know how to fix it. I’ve opened these video links on 3 different browsers and I keep on getting the same stupid message: “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.” And when I try to look further into the problem, the Windows Help website just frustrates me even more because it doesn’t actually describe why I can’t play the file.

Here is the link to all the notes I need to take. If it asks, it’s Modern Foreign Language in Ohio, High School level. The book is Avancemos Level 4 2010 and should look like this .

Please tell me this is an overall problem with everyone so I can send her another angry email explaining how much this sucks. I keep getting an error that doesn’t make sense and I don’t know how to fix it. Specifically from what I understand, the actual error code is Windows Media Player error C00D11B1. Please help me before I go nuts.

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What browser are you using? The videos work for me, but I had to first allow the Quicktime plug-in before it would play in Chrome.

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The link seems to be working for me on an old ipad in safari.

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It’s in old .mov format. Works for me on my Android phone.

If you are on Windows, download this, which should play the files.

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I just went to my Windows 7 machine and was able to view the videos. However, I already have VLC, which I provided in the link above. Also, the videos downloaded rather than streamed, so I just downloaded and then opened them.

Keep in mind that educational websites are usually absurdly outdated – like this website. But this is a very common and easy problem to solve and is the price of admission for using the internet and computers. Scolding your teacher isn’t doing what you think it is. It’s expressing your profound disinterest in problem-solving in the form of inappropriate blame.

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Before you tell the teacher off, you should have waited to make sure the problem is not with something you’re using.

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I made a mistake. The page opens for me, but the videos don’t work. I didn’t read your problem well enough in the first description.

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Hm. I’m on a desktop, Windows XP (I think.) Got as far as clicking on the link to the video. It defaulted to “Windows Media Player…” Then said, “Windows Media Player encountered a problem.”

Let me look some more.

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Alrighty then. I copied and pasted the link into Youtube and it’s working.

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For everyone, I’ve tried Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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Did the teacher ever get back to you, @blueberry_kid?

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OK, so when I open the page that lists the titles of the videos you need to watch, here, the very first title/link is:
Los verbos ser y estar (Uses of ser and estar).

I copy that and paste it into youtube and it plays.

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@jca no because she’s always busy and probably doesn’t care. She sebt out a message on like this student server thing to everyone that’s taking AP but so far no one has responded to fix it or confirm that it doesn’t work.

@Dutchess_III I’ve tried copying and pasting the link into youtube and it doesn’t work.

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OH wait, just the title? I keep trying the link and nothing happens. I thought you mesnt the whole video link itself.

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@blueberry_kid – Are you still looking for a solution? I sent you the solution days ago (see above).

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My computer is being weird and keeps saying it needs updates so I let it do it’s thing and it’s been updating since… i’m on my iPad now. @DoNotKnow

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