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How do you get warts?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) July 20th, 2008
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i was just wondering how people get warts?

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Basically, they are contagious, from one person to the next. Also, an individual person can self-inoculate and spread wart all over their affected body. Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), and different types of HPV are specific for different parts of the body. For example, some HPV strains cause genital warts and cervical cancer, while others cause plantar warts (on your feet) or palmar warts (on your hands).

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from toads…...

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only if you kiss them…..

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Best way to get rid of a planter wart is to put a piece of duct tape on it. Change it every so often and clean the wart, then put a new piece on. I swear it works better than freezing them or medicating them.

Also, warts are just like fleas. You see somebody who has them and you think they’re gross and dirty.Then you get them yourself and you realize that it can happen to anyone, and you feel like a judgmental asshole. Its a pretty nice life lesson.

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yea it’s nice until you get them again.

Back in middle school my thumb was infested with them (what are you gonna do, I was in like 5th grade and didn’t know any better than to pick at them), those got frozen off.

I got one in highschool, I believe in 10th grade, did the duct tape trick and caught it before it spread, blood clotted internally and got rid of it.

Now I have again some growing on the same hand, doing the same old duct tape, but so far it hasn’t helped but one of them.

pain in the butt is what they are….

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