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Almond milk - does the brand matter?

Asked by afghanhound (150points) August 20th, 2015
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For those of you who buy almond milk, does the brand matter?
Also, how do you use it?
When do you use it (time of day)?
Is it just you who uses it, or do others in your household use it as well?
What do you love about it?
Do you feel like you have to compromise anything by using almond milk vs another kind of milk?

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The brand doesn’t matter to me other than I like to buy organic. I buy unsweetened, usually Califia brand. I get unsweetened because one of the reasons I use almond milk rather than cow’s milk is to avoid sugars.

And I use it in my coffee, and occasionally when I would drink milk, like with a cookie. My son will also drink it occasionally instead of cow’s milk.

One thing I have noticed that is a plus to me is that if I drink coffee in the car on the way to work, when I get home and clean my mug after almond milk it isn’t all gross the way it is when I use cow’s milk.,

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We get the kind made by Silk and get the vanilla flavor. For me, yes, brand matters. I use it in my cereal and sometimes just to drink. My husband uses it too.
I love the taste and that it isn’t from a cow :p
The only thing I compromise is price, it’s much more than cow’s milk :(

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If one is sensitive to taste, there definitely is a difference between brands. Various groups have done taste testings and have rated them.

But taste is such an individual preference each person must decide for themselves.

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I like silk, and use the vanilla flavor on my cereal.

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The store bought almond milks contain a very small amount of almond. Just about 2 percent or a handful. You are better off making your own.
It does taste very well with cereal or warming it up and drinking it while eating cookies.
But if you are looking for the natural health benefits of almonds than make your own or add it to the store bought. It’s rather easy to make.
Keep in mind that almonds have more calories in it so you will have more calories per glass once you make your own.
The article explains how to make your own. You can also look it up on youtube if you want or need a visual aid.

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Pandora beat me to it. There’s a class action lawsuit about the fact that many brands contain little or no almonds.

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My wife uses the Silk brand on her cereal and as a coffee creamer. I don’t do milk substitutes. I tried it once and because it was vanilla flavored, I nearly un-drank it. Another time when I found I was out of milk in the midst of trying to make gravy, I tried using it.. oh the humanity! That batch of gravy sleeps with the fishes.

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Before I heard about the lawsuit, it had seemed to me that the almond milk I bought had virtually no taste, certainly nothing like almonds. After I heard about the lawsuit I stopped buying it. Apparently the reason it is so low in calories is that there is nothing in it.

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I bought it once to see what all the hype was about. I found it reminded me of flavored creamer, which I can’t stand. I never bought it again and I’m not into spending 3 bucks on trial and error.

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