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How do I add topics to my profile?

Asked by pranali (75points) August 21st, 2015
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Will appreciate help on this.

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Go to social or whatever section, scroll down to the list of topics, click on the one you want and on the upper left of your screen you’ll see an add topic button. Or go to My Account, you can do the same there.

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When/where ever you see a topic, you can click on it and be given the option to add it to your profile.

FYI, as far as I can tell, the “topics” list on Fluther is fixed, and not added to or removed.

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I was wondering this as well. @Adirondackwannabe and @ibstubro‘s work if you happen to stumble upon a topic you are interested in, but what about if I want to add “kayaking” to my profile, but I don’t see any questions with “kayaking” tagged as a topic?

What I ended up doing was going to,
so for me. That’s a little bit cumbersome but it gets the job done.

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Your first link didn’t work for me, @farmer.

Your second link brought up far fewer questions than my search.

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