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Are crumpets similar to English muffins?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23988points) August 22nd, 2015
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I just Googled crumpets, because I realized I had no idea what they are, and they look really similar to English muffins to me.

Can someone who has had both enlighten me?

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No. I think crumpets are thick, flat pancakes eaten with syrup, honey or marmalade. Muffins are puffy little cakes. Right?

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@ZEPHYRA Well… muffins are typically puffy little cake-like things (kind of, but not – lol), but English muffins aren’t like other muffins, so the name is a little misleading to people who aren’t familiar with English muffins.

But if crumpets are like pancakes, then no, they’re not similar to English muffins. They just looked like they might be, based on Google images.

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American who spends part of the year in England here.

English muffins are similar to crumpets in size. The texture is quite different. English muffins are dry and have a texture similar to bread/toast. Crumpet texture is similar to American pancakes (not to be confused with English pancakes, which are what we refer to as crepes). Crumpets are firmer than pancakes, but still have a spongy, moist quality to them that English muffins don’t.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Ah, okay. Thank you! It definitely helps that you’ve spent time in both places, I think, because no other descriptions were making sense to me, but yours definitely does. :)

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They’re very different. Crumpets have a lighter, spongy texture. They’re not as dense as pancakes. And English muffins are more bread like in texture.

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Next time I’m across the pond I’ll have to seek out a crumpet.

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I want a crumpet right now! LOL

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@ZEPHYRA The first image is a scone served with clotted cream and jam. The second is an English muffin (or muffin, as they are called in England). The third is a crumpet.

@Judi and @jca, if there is a Trader Joe’s near you, it might be worth checking for crumpets there. Sometimes the chain carries them.

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@Pied_Pfeffer: There’s a Trader Joe’s about 10 minutes away. Next time I’m there, I’ll check!

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Too bad this is in general. otherwise it might degrade into a discussion about Strumpets and English Muff’s. Otherwise, one is like a big pored toast, the other is a smaller stiff sweet pancake.

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Approximate American equivalents would be waffle and bagel. Here are pictures of crumpet and English muffin. Crumpet English muffin Both are usually toasted and buttered. If you have a sweet tooth you might like to add jam etc.

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@majorrich I’ll ask the mods to move it, because I also think it could make for an interesting conversation. Whenever my boyfriend tries to describe similarities/differences between our food, I’m always fascinated. Maybe I’m too easily amused, though. Heh. :)

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Except… I just realized I don’t know who the mods are. Lol Is there a list anywhere?

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@DrasticDreamer, the moderators are listed under the ‘Help’ tab.

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Crumpets are baked so that the yeast forms bubbles and holes on their top sides and I believe they contain egg. English muffins are baked between two baking sheets, do not contain egg and are sliced through so both top and bottom slice similar. Both are toasted like bread slices and topped with what ever you fancy and are usually eaten ‘open face’. My host family in NZ introduced me to crumpets with butter and golden syrup. It was way too rich for the tastes of this county girl.

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Scones do not contain yeast. Scones are more like American style biscuits.

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Another place to find crumpets in the US would be Whole Foods. I also found crumpets at a Kroger’s food store once- they kept them in the refrigerated section.

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So did any of you in search for a proper crumpet find one?

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I saw them in Trader Joe’s but they didn’t look too appealing and the cost wasn’t that cheap per unit, so I didn’t purchase.

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