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Could you guys give me your opinion of the Windows 10 upgrade?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17294points) August 26th, 2015
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Windows 7 is no longer supported and I believe I’m beginning to reap the deleterious effects of that decision—just as I did when they stopped supporting Windows XP. I’m resistant to go to Windows 10 because I’m feeling caged into accepting it against my will, but maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing.

How much like Windows 8 is it? I took one tour of 8 and hated it. It was like a big I-phone operation. And I couldn’t find a way to get into the Control Panel, Computer, or to do a file search or even run a DOS command. It seemed geared toward media rather than writing. Computing for idiots.

I also took a tour of one of the OS’s that Ubuntu offers online for free. I liked all the free software and the system seems a lot like 7. It appeared easy to customize the programs as well. To those of you who are familiar with Ubuntu, what is your opinion of Ubuntu vs Windows 10?

How about sharing your opinions and links so I don’t have to approach this thing in the dark.

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Here’s a taste of the adventure I had before switching back to 7:

Also, I do agree with what you said about it being designed more for people who want things “simplified”. The way they have 10 set up reminded me much more of Apple computers and I hated it. I also saw no straightforward way of accessing the Control Panel or anything like that, until I realized that the option was still in the Start menu – I just had to right click my computer mouse for it to call up additional options. But it took me a stupid amount of time to figure that out.

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Generally I like Windows 10, at least more than Windows 8. Maybe it’s because here in my country I can only get access to Windows and Apple Mac (and I hate Mac). But Windows 10 serves me more than Windows 8. Whenever I turn on the computer it gets straight to the desktop and not the stupid Start Menu screen, which I have almost no need of. And I can search directly on the desktop, unlike in Windows 8 where I have to: press the start menu button, then type my search words and risk freezing the computer. And Windows 10 seems to run faster than Windows 8 too.

I agree that the “menu” they offer us is mostly useless and for media, and unfortunately Windows 10 doesn’t make them disappear completely. It’s still enclosed in the Start Menu taskbar. But at least with Windows 10 I can ignore it more easily. Windows 8 constantly reminds me of its existence and that’s really annoying. But either way, both versions of Windows still look like they were made by someone who loves Iphone so much that they spread the love to the computers.

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My husband lost his saved email in the upgrade.

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It installed painlessly. Took about 2 hours. The only problem I had was that I needed to re-adjust my screensize and font size.

Otherwise, no adjustment necessary to how I work.

A non-event, actually.

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It’s true that mainstream support ended for Windows 7. There will be no future service packs for it which means Microsoft won’t redesign the environment or add new features, however they will continue to fix security problems until extended support ends January 14, 2020, five years from the end of mainstream support. As long as Microsoft patches vulnerabilities that could become security risks Windows 7 remains a safe operating system so continue to use it if you prefer.

I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 8) on my non-work laptop and it hasn’t been a big deal adjusting. Still use Windows 7 on my work laptop.

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My sister bought her 14 year old twins two of these last month. They just need a browser and Office and Plex Home Theater. These are super cheap and shockingly well built.

They shipped with 8.1 which was a confusing nightmare. And they shipped with all the HP crapware. McArgee came installed and was constantly using 25% of the CPU and 200MB of RAM. Normally that wouldn’t be a huge deal but these are very low end computers so it does matter. And there is some annoying HP assistant that naggs the fuck out of you and also uses a ton of resources. Oh and there is also a amazon app and a ton of other shit that nobody wants.

And the fucking things came with a 32GB SSD. There was 4GB free out of the box. When I upgraded to 10 it didn’t have the free space but luckily I bought them 64GB SD cards so it was able to use that for the upgrade.

This was actually nice. I upgraded to 10 over 8 and it preserved my activation. Then I made a USB install for 10 and did a clean install of pure windows 10. Activation preserved and now about 15 GB free.

During the install I did have to hunt down the barely visible text to turn off the “send all my data and keystrokes” to Microsoft link. The EU needs to sue them over this. The button is intentionally hidden.

But after that and telling Cortina to go suck a dick and removing all the live tiles in the start menu it is a very good OS. I was able to customize the start menu to make it very easy for 14 year olds to get to their commonly used things.

10 does have some crazy privacy problems that I will not get into. And if I could have installed 7 on the twins laptop I would have. Unfortunately no drivers.

But if you are on 8 I would really suggest going to 10. It is so much less frustrating.

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There is no need to upgrade from Windows 7 for a few years.

As @BosM writes, Windows 7 will be supported with security updates until 2020.

Regarding the original question, I have upgraded two laptops (from 7 and 8) to 10 with no problems.

WIndows 10 starts up a lot faster than Windows 7. Otherwise no big differences.

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So far I’ve had no problems with Win 10. It acts like Win 7 and 8.1 had a love child and 10 was the result. Cortana needs a bit of work if she wants to compete with Siri, but I don’t use either other than to play and try to get snarky remarks out of them. It is a little more difficult to get ‘under the hood’, but most folks shouldn’t be doing that anyway.

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I will happily wait until my W7 net book dies then get a new one with W10 until then will just plug along with W7.

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How the hell can I even find what system I’m operating with? I used to be able to just right click on the desk top, but that doesn’t tell me anything any more.

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Control Panel -> System

Which reminds me of the one annoying thing about Windows 10 – some settings are still in the control panel where they’ve been for 20 years. Other settings are in the new PC Settings.

They did kind of rush Win 10 to market.

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Thanks. I have Windows 7, not XP, like I thought. So you can quit dissin’ my XP which I don’t have!

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@jaytkay So should we wait for a patch?

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Just went from 8 to 10. Environment is quite similar but 10 does seem to be more stable. If I had 7 I would have never changed and wish there was some way to go back. Alack and alas there is not. I have a computer that looks and works like an IPhone. Hell, I don’t even want a phone that looks and works like an IPhone.

Stick with 7 if you want a computer. Upgrade if you want an IPhone.

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@janbb Yes, I would wait for Windows 10 to be improved. I especially wouldn’t be in any hurry to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

From Windows 8 to 10 is an improvement, but again there’s no hurry.

The upgrade is free until July 2016. I would do it some time before that.

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@johnpowell Yes, HP does like to include an array of add-on software on all of their computers. And McAfee seems to be unavoidable these days, but that is where control panel—> programs & features becomes very useful.

I was planning on upgrading to Win 10 this summer. However, that plan is on hold until Word Perfect Office X7 becomes Win 10 compatible.

Still, there is one thing I would like to hear the thoughts of Win 10 users on: how well does it work on non-touchscreen laptops?

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@sahID – non-touch laptop, just fine. i use the touchpad, works perfectly

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Thank you, @elbanditoroso.

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HA! forgot a secret (not so secret) way to get to the command prompt. Still has some familiar bits in there. XP kernel still appears to run the show. Winkey+R will get you the run and into the messy works inside. For me, I also got a huge performance boost after the first couple of updates. It gets right down to business on booting up.

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Windows 10 is significantly improved over 8 for non-touchscreen devices. It is actually usable all the fullscreen charms bar shit has been removed or hidden.

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I upgrade last night with no issues at all and LOVE that I don’t have that F’n side panel swiping out from the side! My CPU/Ram stats are slightly improved as well. Love the desktop layout just like the good ol’ days. So far so good.

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I’ve had a remarkably uneventful transition with Win10 from Win7. It’s not all that different to operate and, as I had a hard drive failure at approximately the same time, wicked fast on an SSD. I had been having daily BSOD’s complaining about my USB_Bus and have not seen any BSOD’s since the upgrade. (Furiously tapping wood). Cortana is a non-issue. I don’t really even understand why she is there.

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