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Clothes from a deceased wife?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) September 4th, 2015
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I have a new friend who, when he saw I didn’t have an appropriate jacket to wear in the rain, gave me his late wife’s jacket, which fits me and is very nice. He said he was happy to have me have it.
Any thoughts on this?

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It sounds like a nice gift, gently given, and with maybe some good karma in the history of the garment. (That last bit was lightly said, all you rigid “there is no such thing” purists)

I would accept it with grace and appreciation.
What a nice thing for him to do!

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There’s no right or wrong here – it’s just how the gesture makes you feel. Obviously, it makes him happy to have you wear it or he wouldn’t have given it.

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Accept it with grace. When a friend gives away a beloved deceased’s belonging to someone they know, it is part of the “letting go” process. It often brings a great deal of joy to see an article be used and appreciated versus taking it to a donation shop and never know its outcome. This comes from someone with experience in this matter.

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@ALL THE ABOVE JELLIES, very well put!

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I am confused as to why you seem unsure about what he gave you. Are you a female?

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Giving you the jacket is part of his process of closure. I’ve seen the same thing with my dad, who now, a year later, is starting to feel ok with passing along some of mom’s possessions.

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Oh my!
What a completely thoughtful and kind thing to do! You both gave each other a ‘gift’.
This touched my heart. Wow.
Just as a by-the-by, why not invite him to go out for a cup of coffee, or a lunch, etc.? Bring along others if you worry as to any incorrect perceptions. Do something that he may no longer feel comfortable doing as a widower. Perhaps all might enjoy a weekly kaffeeklatsch.
What an extremely thoughtful, generous, and warm-hearted person. He would be a positive person to have as a friend.
Lucky you! :)

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Great answers ^^^ all of you! take the jacket with grace and take extra special care of it.

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@jca @skfinkel is female.

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@chyna: Yeah after I asked that, I saw she is. I still don’t understand her confusion.

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I agree with @jca that I don’t completely understand the reason for the question.

@skfinkel, are you a widow?
Is this man a possible love interest?
That would define the answers to your question, I believe.

The man may have a crush on you, and you need to determine how you would feel about that, and let us know.

There’s more to this story.
“When he saw I didn’t have an appropriate jacket to wear in the rain, gave me his late wife’s jacket” implies you may have been in his home when it began raining?

Details, details details.

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