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Do you have any idea what magazine this disgustingly racist article came from?

Asked by RikhardRavindraTanskanen (76points) September 5th, 2015
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In June of 2009, when I was in another town or city for a haircut, I read a magazine. The magazine was from June of 2008, and was possibly Maclean’s, but I have found no reference to hit on the Internet when I was looking for the article, although, as stupid as this sounds, I never typed in the name of Maclean’s in the Internet.

Anyways, the article was called “Not Your Average White Supremacist”, with a subheading below that saying “Mother Talks About “White Pride”.

I had heard of “White Pride” once before, in the pages of the book Why Do People Hate America? which I read when I was 11 or 12, in 2007 and 2008 respectively, but I had entirely forgotten about “White Pride”, and reading that did not jog my memory. In fact, I did not realise again that White Pride was mentioned in the book until I read it again in 2012.

Anyways, I felt anger at this, and I continued reading. The article began by mentioning the name of a woman (I forget her name, but no middle name was given), and immediately afterwards said “is watching The Raccoons” (possibly immediately afterwards it said “on television” or “on Teletoon Retro”.

In the next sentence, it said by saying she said “I like this show.”, and the next sentence said “Cyril Sneer is a Jew. That’s why he has a long nose. The pigs are Asians.”

I felt anger again at these words, for the anti-Semitism and the racist portrayal of Asians as pigs (I presume they were portrayed as pigs due to the Chinese love for pork, which I heard about in a National Geographic article about Xinjiang in 2008 <”People there were different then Chinese. They ate lamb, not pork.”>, I believe it was, and a National Geographic article about overpopulation <”But as tasty as that sweet-and-sour pork may be, it”>, I don’t know the exact dates – although I have the National Geographic issues in question, it’ll take too long to check), and I continued reading.

She then said that “Bert and (names of his two raccoon friends, I forgot) are whites”. It then sad in the next sentence that “(name of woman) also likes watching World of Quest.”, and in the next two sentences she said, “Quest is good. So is Nestor.” The article said in the sentence after that, “It’s Anna Macht, that ruins the show. So does Gatling. They’re both niggers”.

That also angered me, due to the racism against blacks. The next paragraph said that the woman “is not your average white supremacist”, or perhaps it said “is not an ordinary white supremacist.” The next sentence said “I want to teach my children to be Aryan and to be proud of it”.

Again, I felt anger at this, for “Aryan” is the name given by white supremacists to the white race. The next paragraph said “”I consider myself to feel white pride.”, and that “Her friends also feel it, and support her.” Again, I felt anger at tis, for they shared the same beliefs and supported her.

The next paragraph said, “(woman’s surname), who is divorced with (three or four) children, hopes to win a custody dispute with her husband, and (I can’t remember the rest of the sentence). Next in the article, I can’t remember what the article said but it must have had something to do with what the woman said next: “I like Hitler, I think he is my hero, (I forget the rest)”.

I was angry at this disgusting show of admiration for Hitler, a racist psychopath who killed six million Jews.

In the paragraph after that, I can’t remember what exactly it said but it mentioned that she gets drunk (possibly it mentioned she gets drunk with friends). Next to one of this paragraph was a photo of her and her friends, at least one balding, at least one with a beard, and all white, holding a Nazi flag and smiling at the camera, and I felt anger towards both of these things.

It was mentioned that she once swore rudely about some unknown thing, and it seems to be something serious because I was angry at that at the time (I also disliked the fact that she swore – I was not forgiving of swearing at the time – but that is irrelevant), but I can’t remember if this was part of the paragraph or if it was the next paragraph.

In any case, in the first paragraph I know came next, it said “But her critics say that she” (I forget the rest, but it might have been “is not a good role model for her kids”), and in the next sentence, it said, “When she heard Barack Obama was running for the nomination for president, she said drunkenly, “Oh, so Barack’s (or Barack Obama’s, I forget which) is running for president (or “the nomination”, again I forget which), is he. I’ll give him president (or, as I have said before, nomination), the filthy nigger.”

As you might expect, I again felt anger at this slur. In the paragraph that followed, again I forgot what the article said, but it must have had something to do with what the woman said next: “that cowardly Franco. That man who wouldn’t help poor Hitler.” As might be expected I was angry at this, due to the disgusting sympathy for Hitler (while it is true that I ONCE felt sorry for him for being abused by his father, I nonetheless also hated him for what he did as the most evil man in human history, and I no longer pity people for being abused as children if they are selfish or cruel themselves, and I never felt sympathy for him), but, I know this sounds stupid, but also for the fact that while I hate Francisco Franco for being nearly as evil as Hitler, he was not being cowardly, but was doing the smart thing to ensure survival in the Second World War.

In the paragraph after that, it said, “As for the holocaust, (woman’s name), believes it happened. “But I believe that the real number was 250, XXX0 (I forget the exact amount that she said, but there might have been a 4 or a 5 or a 3 in there) people.” The article then said, “Poison gas?”, and the next sentence, which was spoken by the woman, said, “Don’t be stupid.”

At both these instances of holocaust denial, I felt anger. It then said “(woman’s name) believes 9/11 to be an “inside job”. I think the bankers planned the attacks on the twin towers. Jews who in the towers were told not to go there that day.”

As you might expect, I felt anger again at the 9/11 conspiracy theory and the anti-Semitism of the blaming the “bankers” (meaning Jewish bankers) and repeating the anti-Semitic myth that Jews who would have gone to work in the towers were forewarned.

In the next paragraph, it said “Global warming?”, or maybe it was the woman who said “Global warming?”, and whether that was the case or not, she then said “No, that’s a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.” As you would expect I felt anger both at the lack of belief in global warming and more so, at the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

The following might be false memories. The article said “Asian languages?” and the woman said “They sound like farts”. As you would expect, I felt anger at this due to the racism against Asians.

The article then said that “She then farted” or “She then flatulated” and then it said, “and with a stupid look on her face, she said, “Smell it. It’s tasty”.

I felt anger at this also, due to the woman’s immaturity and the fact that flatulation is disgusting, also, it reminded me of one of my classmates, Jarett Freeman, back in elementary school, who in Grade 5 did the same thing, and caused me to develop intrusive thoughts over it, which plague me to this day, although fortunately they have lessened in frequency.

The article then said that “She also enjoys watching Pearlie”, and then the woman said, “I like watching Pearlie, even though her friend Opal is a shitface.” If this is a real memory, then this is the first time I heard the racial slur “shitface”.

In the paragraph after that, the article said something, I forget what but it must have been related to what the woman said next, for I do remember it said the words “woman’s name) muttered,”, followed by the woman saying, “If I had a time machine I would have gone back to 1938 to warn Hitler about allying with the Japs.”.

This also angered me, due to the racism against Japanese people, and the nonsense of blaming them for Hitler losing the war. As a side note, this was the first time that I heard the racial slur “Jap”.

In the next paragraph, which was the final paragraph, the woman said two sentences, I can’t remember what the words were but I believe they were about her beliefs, and then the article ended. After finishing reading the article, I was angry.

The next time I went somewhere and for a hair or dentist appointment and had a look at a Maclean’s magazine, I hoped to see an angry response to the article in the comments section by several letters, since I thought by then that I read a Maclean’s magazine, but I found none, to my dislike.

The next time I heard of “White Pride” was on the CBC, in the summer of 2009, either in late July or August because I and my family had gone to the Atlantic provinces on the last day of June to the end of the second week of July, the a woman announcer on the CBC (I forget who) saying that “the White Pride Movement has been marching in the streets of Toronto in the protest movement”, showing protesters marching towards police officers in front of them, many holding signs and using them to push police officers who were in front of them out of the way, followed by a woman speaking to a reporter, “We just want to (I forgot the rest of the words).”, with my father, when I looked at him (not in disbelief, anger, or disgust, or wanting to know his reaction, but simply out of accident), and he said with a frown on his face, “Oh fuck!”.

I thought he was angry at the time, but in retrospect he might have been disgusted – I could not tell the difference between angry and disgusted faces at that time.

Shortly after reading that article, I began to have intrusive thoughts about “White Pride”, thoughts that said that they were right and that the woman in the article was right. Now, don’t get me wrong (that’s the first time I have ever used that expression) I never believed those thoughts of course, but they were unbearable.

Sometime in mid-to-late 2009 to 2010, I began watching the show The Raccoons on Teletoon Retro out of curiosity – the first episode was the one in which Cyril Sneer has the bears go water-skiing at night for an audience.

I assumed of course, that the animals represented racial groups – the bears representing Russians, the chimpanzee in one episode holding a crate with a pig bringing it into Cyril Sneer’s house representing black people, a disgusting example of classic racist iconography, the song at the end of the show was a racist carrying-call for white supremacists and the scene in an early episode in which the sheepdog accidentally goes to another planet and discovers an army of bears parodying the Soviet Union (which I first saw in a flashback in another episode) with the pigs driving a military vehicle (I assumed they represented Communist China) and Cyril Sneer presiding over the army, planning to invade the earth (I assumed this represented the racist conspiracy theory that Jews controlled the Soviet Union, and the racist conspiracy theory that Jews controlled capitalism), but later on I assumed that the animals weren’t representing racial groups, because there was an alligator businessman named Knox that spoke with a southern accent, in other words an accent used by whites rather than blacks, who use African-American English, and, also, I don’t mean to sound offensive, and I apologize, but I was liking the show.

I know that sounds stupid, and I apologize. Later on, in 2012 or 2013, when the show was no longer showing on Teletoon Retro, I began wondering if the show did represent racial groups (and I assumed that the alligator was supposed to be African-American, because southern English and African-American English are very similar, of course) but later on I dismissed that possibility.

But recently, in 2015, I began wondering if that was the case.

As a side note, I began watching World of Quest out of curiosity in September of 2009, and after a while liked the show, although I no longer do, due to the show’s toilet humour, immaturity, unanswered questions and immorality (I don’t mean to sound immature, and I apologize, but it was not in order) but otherwise, that is irrelevant to this question, as the show did not contain any racial stereotypes and characters who weren’t obviously black – i.e. Anna Macht and Gatling – did not represent any racial group (although in retrospect, Anna Macht was African-Canadian, due to her lack of an African-American accent, although she could have been Black British, due to speaking with a Scottish or Cockney accent, although Black British do not speak that way, and Gatling was Black British, due to having a Black British accent).

Also, I began watching Pearlie in the summer of 2011, and while I disliked at one point due to the connection to the article, after a while, like The Raccoons example above, I stopped because I liked it.

In secondary school, I checked the Maclean’s magazines in the library, but I couldn’t find anything, as the collections of magazines in big books with green covers only went as far as early 2008 (sometime in the spring, before June), or even 2006 or 2007 (I can’t remember).

I checked the town library also in collections of Maclean’s magazines, again in big books with green covers, but again they only went to the same date in the spring of 2008, or even 2006 or 2007.

Do you have any idea what magazine this article came from? I would really like to know.

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As in the answers to your other question, try bringing your quest up with a librarian, maybe in a media library attached to a university.

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5 reasons “white pride” is always racist

1) Whiteness is an artificial sociological construct which has been used throughout history to exclude certain groups of people from the rights guaranteed others and to justify bigoted attitudes.

2) Throughout American history, many groups considered white today (e.g., Germans, Irish) were viewed as non-white.

3) It is sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan, which by virtue of its history is a racist organization with a white supremacist agenda.

4) In terms of where “white pride” is still alive and well, it is in the American prison community. The Aryan Brotherhood and other outright white supremacist gangs remain an ongoing menace in America.

5) The billboard is a symptom of white minority politics.

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