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What would Donald Trump's stats be if he was a Dungeons & Dragons character?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) September 13th, 2015
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I would put him as a level 15 commoner and level 5 bard. High chraisma average all other stats. 40hp . What would you change?

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Lawful neutral alignment. Or true neutral.

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No. He is neutral evil. He is only going to look out for number one and he will justify breaking the rules. BTW…. if I could ‘super-awesome-best question I’ve seen on fluther for weeks, I’d give it to you.

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Chaotic neutral.

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First, I think it is a mistake to model Trump as a 20th level character. There’s a great article about why here. Therefore, I would say something along the following lines:

Donald Trump – Neutral Evil Human Aristocrat (Level 2)

Ability Scores
– STR: 10
– DEX: 10
– CON: 10
– INT: 12
– WIS: 12
– CHA: 14

– Appraise: 2
– Bluff: 2
– Knowledge (Business): 2
– Intimidate: 2
– Perform (Political Buffoonery Oratory): 2
– Profession (Builder): 2

I have no reason to think that Trump is above or below average with regard to the relevant physical characteristics. And as tempting as it is to model him with intelligence as a dump stat, I don’t think that’s accurate. He may be stupid in comparison to some of the other candidates (and in comparison to what we ought to want from a president), but he’s not a complete idiot (especially if we don’t judge him solely in terms of his politics). I’ve also given him a wisdom boost because I’m convinced he knows exactly what he’s doing and doesn’t care that it’s terrible. He has an intuitive grasp of how to reach the only sort of people who would consider voting for him, and he’s using it. The charisma score, naturally, represents his baffling ability to get away with all of this.

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He’d be the kid who cried and left the store after his first turn.

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