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Are you watching the eclipse?

Asked by Strauss (23679points) September 27th, 2015
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There’s a Super-Blood-calli-fracking Lunar Eclipse tonight (9/27/15). Will/are/were you watching? What did you think?

I’ll be in the Current Events Chat on and off.

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I would if it wasn’t the morning here :(

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Not yet… Hoping to, depending on cloud cover (or not!)

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About to go down to the beach to look.

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I’ve got a full moon without any clouds. Hope it stays that way for a while.

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No. Australians missed out on this lunar event. As I’m in the future, I can confirm we’re all still here and alive. So for those who spent up big on a party because the world is ending, hope you didn’t put it on your credit card.

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We have cloud cover but not thick. About 10 % cloud / haze can see the Moon.

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It’s coming in from the left. That surprised me or am I seeing things?

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Beautiful moon tossed with clouds; can’t see the eclipse.

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Over cast… can’t see much In Red Deer Alberta .

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My daughter and I have been outside watching it.

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I would if it weren’t totally clouded over where I live.

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Good view here. No clouds, the moon is about 20 degrees above the eastern horizon.

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Overcast plus I have to get up at 3:30am so no sadly.

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I watched it on the weather network. Whoop de do. You didn’t miss anything.

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8:37 PM MDT—looks like about 95% + covered.

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From where I live It lived up to it’s billing. From the GINORMOUS Moon rise to the subsequent blood red eclipse…my son and I had a moment watching it unfold. I told him the next time this happens I will be 87 or dead and if I am still alive I told him I hope he has something better to do than watch this!

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No…..give me something to live for in the future if it comes again, if not….oh well….

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@Hypocrisy_Central You can pack your gym bag and wait for the Hale-Bopp comet to return…don’t forget to have $5.00 and 3 quarters in your pocket so you can phone home.

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@Cruiser You can pack your gym bag and wait for the Hale-Bopp comet to return…don’t forget to have $5.00 and 3 quarters in your pocket so you can phone home.
LOL, when I leave this cracker barrel I am going where gold is so common it is building material and not anything to cheat for, kill for, or covet. The money will be useless as well, plus I will not need to ”phone home”, I have direct access. :-)

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I saw it starting as I was walking home. It was pretty cool. There are too many houses now, and the moon isn’t high enough.

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It’s right in front of my house, so yes, I was out there watching it.

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Peeked at it now and then, was unimpressed…...oh well…..15 more years we try it again of I have not been liberated from this body of death.

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Moon’s high in the sky, only a small shadow on the upper right. It was nice to see, but I was distracted by family stuff.

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I came home from a weekend trip to find my neighbors sitting on a wall on the edge of my property. When I got out of my car, they told me what they were doing – watching the moon. I stood there for about 10 minutes and watched with them, and had a chat, as it was the first time we’d ever met. I then had to get my daughter into the house and unpack the car. I saw a nice portion of it the event. I don’t usually use the word “awesome” but it was awesome.

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As I said last night, there was supposed to be a beautiful Full Supermoon, but it was like something was blocking the light from reaching the moon!

we were blessed where I live with the sky clearing right before sunset. It was stunning in its redness at peak totality

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I saw the eclipse, at least periodically. Kept going out every 15 minutes are so. Then I saw it when it was red. Or dark, bloody brown, rather. Looked like a giant, infected zit.

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Nope. Far too much cloud cover here to allow for viewing.

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I watched it periodically despite a cloudy sky and an arrack by a angry wasp.

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I saw it and took some pictures I may post later. I thought it was cool, my 16 yr old thought it was cool….the colors here in the midwest lived up to the billing. The size was humongous at moonrise and was more normal size by eclipse time. Colors were what sold it for me!

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