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Have you seen this documentary on aliens?

In 2003 (I was 7), when I lived in England, I remember seeing this documentary on Discovery Science. I can’t remember much on it, other than it was about aliens and UFOS.

All I remember is a part on the Solway Firth Spaceman, which was the first time I heard of the Solway Firth Spaceman (after watching the documentary, I thought about it for years onward intermittently, and starting a few years ago I started wondering what the documentary was, eventually in 2013 typing in “spaceman photograph” in Google Search, which led me to the Wikipedia article, which was the first time that I heard the name of the photograph – Solway Firth Spaceman – and soon afterwards when there was no explanation on Wikipedia, I believe, going on RationalWiki to look for a sceptical explanation, which I found).

Please, do any of you know what this documentary on aliens was?

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