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Same dream different scenery about a girl I like?

Asked by kfebs17 (7points) October 2nd, 2015
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I keep dreaming about a girl I liked a lot in high school. In my dream she keeps telling me to come to her when I am ready and then she walks off. What does this mean ?

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That you might have a crush on her.

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Reoccurring dreams about frustration symbolize death.

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It means that you liked a particular girl and you still think about her sometimes. There is no deeper meaning to this dream or any other dream. Dreams don’t have inherent meaning. They are chemical manifestations of memories and thoughts and random stuff that you may or may not have seen in real life.

If you still like this girl, great. If you have no feelings for her at this later date, that’s fine too, but there is no deep or hidden meaning.

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You should ask her.

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@filmfann That’s a joke right? Just checking

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In your mind, she always seems just out of reach. You are somewhat befuddled in not being able to cross the seemingly minor chasm separating you from her. Think boldly! Think positive! Think “I can!”

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