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Can I say how giddy I am to see so many of the old timers back this week?

Asked by rojo (24179points) October 13th, 2015
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I am not happy about the circumstances that brought many of you back here but I am glad to see/hear from each and every one of you.

Thank you.

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And you @rojo have always been a lovely one.

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I feel the same way. We have had many wonderful contributors pass through this site.

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I want to say that too. Some of my favorite jellies have come back.

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It’s like an enjoyable family reunion! I wish we were gathered for a happier reason, but I’m glad we’re gathered just the same. <3

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I agree. It’s so nice and yet under such sad circumstances.

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Hey guys.. I’m afraid to ask what are the “recent circumstances” that brought so many back? I logged in on a whim just now.

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It’s nice to “see” so many people, whom I’ve often thought of, but not spoken to in a while. I agree that a reunion for this reason is sad, but it’s lovely that we all care enough about someone to return to Fluther to show our support.

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Seems like old times, having you to talk to…...

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Life is like that, isn’t it? The worst of times bring out the best in friends and family?
Imagine it like a fire drill at the mansion: everyone with an active lease is flushed out onto the lawn to mix and mingle in the crisp air while Gail sits on the balcony of the penthouse, Milo in-lap, smiling and watching the people and colors swirl and rustle.

And I must say, @rojo, giddy suits you.

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I hope it lasts and some, if not all of them, stay.

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Yes, great fun and a major time warp. All these ghosts from Fluther past.
Names popping up that seem like we were just carrying on with yesterday but it has been several years, if not more. I have been here over 5, it will be 6 years this coming March and man, how time marches on. haha

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So happy to see so many people, so sad for the reason.

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Good morning Gail!

Here’s wishing you a comfortable day with Milo purring away by your side or bringing you some special little rodent as a token of his affections. Thinking of you. :-)

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And timely, too!
The returned are here just in time for the debates and the 2016 Presidential Election.

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@Yetanotheruser Don’t you go harshing this sweet reunion with ugly reality!
Don’t make me get the “whip”!

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Oops, put my gail greeting in wrong question. Pffft! haha

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Ooooh! The whip! Will you be wearing the mask too?

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@rojo and spurs. Maybe cat-o-nine tails too. haha

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Hey, that’s my line! ;)

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Two of my favorite jelly-gals with whips!

This could be better than pancakes!

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Stealing a line from @dxs in a prior question “Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me….......”

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You’re welcome :D

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