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What does my dream mean?

Asked by Here2_4 (7142points) October 23rd, 2015
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I had a dream over the weekend, and it is really bothering me. I am traumatized from worry over what it must mean.
It started normal enough. I was eating breakfast. There was a whole stack of pancakes, four or five I think. I ate the whole thing! As I was taking the last bite, I realized I was naked. A warm sensation passed over me, and I began to float. Suddenly, I was in my bedroom. I had the tv on, and as I got dressed, a news flash came on about a missing girl. I dashed out and joined the search. I could hear dogs. I couldn’t see them, but I assumed they were there to track the missing girl.
During the search, I saw this blue kiddie pool in someone’s back yard. It was turned over, so I thought the girl could be hiding there. As I approached the pool, some pointy headed guy came toward me. In a British accent, he told me not to look under the pool. We argued. He said I should look in the frizzer. I hadn’t noticed before, that the pool rested against one of those chest type freezers. I was about to open the lid, when I heard shouts that the girl was found. I ran toward the shouts. People had a camper shell surrounded. Nobody wanted to open the door of the shell. I opened the door, and from the shell a girl ran. She looked remarkably like my daughter. I ran after her. When I caught her, I took her to the doctor to see if she was my daughter. He did a blood test. Her blood type was O+; mine is A+. My husband’s was AB-. I don’t know if this means she is my daughter or not.
Does it matter that I was wearing plaid pants and that my plants were paid?
When I woke up my lips were sticky and tasted like maple syrup. I was naked. Could I be pregnant? Is that what my dream meant?
What do you think? What was the meaning of my dream?
Please answer quickly. I think I am being watched by the CIA.

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Not saying you might have been abducted by aliens, but…
You might have been abducted by aliens.

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In dream symbolism, most of what describe death, or at least an overdose of Fluther.

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Your dream clearly means that you intend to have fun at our expense. I for one, am willing to pay.

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:: standing ovation::

This is the most meta question ever.

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The last time I had this dream I was wearing nothing but gingham galoshes and the blue kiddie pool was actually a green turtle sand box.
Are you certain the accent was British, as I had the distinct impression he was Canadian?

Sadly, I am not your daughter’s father, but further testing revealed a distant link between Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Palin.

Mild sausage and buttered corn.

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The only thing that I am sure of, @Here2_4 is that you were asleep.

I think that the most significant part of the dream is the matching plaid pants. It tells me that you are a person with extremely poor taste in clothing, and that you hang around people who have similarly poor taste. That likely contributes to your rejection of societal norms, and makes you a candidate for the loony bin.

By the way, I just had a call from the CIA – they confirmed that you are under surveillance. Something about a chimpanzee that you brainwashed.

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No, you couldn’t be pregnant, your lips were sticky. Your husband is not a tree is he? A plaid maple tree?

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I think it means you should stop dropping acid before bed.
Not conducive to a good nights rest and certainly destined to create mega fashion blunders.

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Down the hall. Second door on the right.

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My dream last night also had me flying, or more precisely, floating or levitating (I wasn’t flapping my arms) and it was in my town that I was floating around but, while the streets were all were they should be, there were no buildings lining them; as if they had provided all the infrastructure and laid it all out but no one had moved in yet. And yet, I recognized where I was and where I was going.

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Who knows what dreams mean. I do not know what was on your mind the post few days, but if I had go speculate I would say the naked part is some vulnerability or helplessness you feel, maybe because you in the back of your mind believe you will lose or be separated from your daughter, the why, only you and your subconscious knows.

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Perhaps you’ll be visiting the 9th Ward in New Orleans soon, @rojo.

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Are you sure your lips tasted only of maple syrup, or was there a hint of salt and pepper there, too?

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Now I am going to be up all night wondering about what was in that freezer…
The man with the pointy head didn’t bear resemblance to Dan Aykroyd and say he was from France- with his English accent, did he?

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You were visited in your sleep by Timothy Leary.

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Not to worry. the Creepy Images Agency is actually a subsidiary of AMPAS, charged with investigating all people who hear dogs.

The FBI (Feral Bovines Institute) lacks the panache of the CIA. I mean, compare wild dogs to being chased by cows.

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@dappled_leaves , why? What’s so special about salt and pepper?

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@ibstubro , cows are so funny!
@rojo , awww, you’re being naughty.
@elbanditoroso , hey, that chimp volunteered!
@Seek , (bowing) Thankyou! :-)
@stanleybmanly , exactly!
@ragingloli , some of yours?

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