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Do you think we're all a little attracted to the same sex?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) July 22nd, 2008
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i believe we all have an ammount of “gayness” within us.

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I’m not in the slightest. I don’t have an issue with gay/bi/whatever, but there are a range of preferences out there and I happen to sit at one end quite comfortably.

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man, if people didn’t have hair or genitals it would be on. So I guess yes.

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So did Alfred Kinsey.

@PupnTaco, we all envy your polarity. :)

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Isn’t everyone a little attracted to David Bowie?

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@trumi, lololol

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lol “gayness”

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it’s not like I’m technically attracted to women, I just sometimes see myself checking them out (body, they’re attire, etc) and can sometimes envy/notice what they have. I don’t know if that makes sense. Haha.

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@monsoon: do tell!

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i recently read this article in the new york times magazine that said that there is some scientific evidence that men are either straight or gay (that bisexuality may not actually exist in men) and that in women, almost all women are bisexual to some degree. Apparently they did the study by attaching some kind of sensors to people’s genitals and brains and showing them different kinds of porn, and then studying which ones turned them on. Almost all the women in the study were turned on by girl-on-girl action, and by guy/girl action as well. for the men, it was the opposite. it was either one or the other, not both. A very interesting question. I can’t speculate about men, but I tend to agree that most girls are at least a little bit bi.

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I would say that between skin, hair, cheek bones, and so on, we can all find beauty in the same sex. I’m a 0 on the Kinsey scale, but to deny all attraction to someone just because of their sex is ridiculous.

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@ gomela: what about women watching guy/guy action? I hear that’s all the rage lately.

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@thehaight, that does make sense.
@dave, haahahaha true

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dave, i… don’t know. i can tell you i’m not personally turned on by guy-on-guy action, but maybe some girls are…who knows!

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@ trumi: I’m a visual artist and naturally inclined to appreciating visual appeal. I can look at George Clooney and see he’s a good-looking guy, but that doesn’t mean I want to go down on him.

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@Dave; Exactly. What is the difference between visual appeal and attraction?

Visual attraction vs. Sexual attraction?

Sexuality is all a gray area.

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so i guess the question you’d have to ask yourself is, “okay so i think that girl is pretty but if the oppurtunity came to have sex with her, would i?”

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For me, the difference is in the boner. It’s either there or it isn’t.

Sorry to be so blunt, I don’t know of another way to say it. :)

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@dave, i wish i could use that to tell. haha

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Bisexuality seems to be present in pretty much all species, I don’t see why humans would be any different. I’m just going by observation.

At my dad’s goat farm, the goats hump any other goat. His dogs hump.. well anything. Or maybe it’s just a very sexual farm o.o

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@btko, hahahaha lolol. the difference between animals and humans though is we have sex for pleasure, animals do it out of instinct and need to reproduce. i think the dolphin is the only species besides humans that has sex for fun

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Bonobos seem to enjoy sex more than we do.

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@La_chica_gomela: HOLY POOPING BABY DUCKS! Sensors attached to their GENITALS?? Am I the only one that finds that awkward?

To answer your question, I think yes, we are all a bit attracted to the same sex. And by attracted, I mean that we criticize how people of our sex look.

Girls criticize other girls’ looks all the time: what shoes she’s wearing, how ‘cute’ her top is, that’s a cool bracelet, blah blah blah no offense girls. I’m just wary of my girlfriend and her friends talking like that

Guys, well, they’re a different story. They aren’t so vocal and/or enthusiastic in their criticisms. I’ve heard guys comment that other guys are ‘jacked’, or that other guys have a nice suit on, or that they’ve got some nice ‘bling’ – _ – . Hell, I’ve noticed the same as well. (and I’m not gay. or bi. *Note girlfriend reference above)

Anyhoo, point is that I think we are all attracted to the same sex to a certain extent, the least of which would be commenting about their looks.

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i found it a little awkward too, but hey, all in the name of science right?

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I don’t think it’s just dolphins.. hmm.. need to look into that. (or start a new question? haha)

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If we’re going to do the bonobo sex talk, i’m going to call in BrownLemur (our resident primatologist).

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And to answer the Q: I think it depends entirely on the person. I’m a kinsey scale #1. I’ve met people from all over the spectrum. Even the occasional seven, though that usually seems to be a temporary thing.

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I’ve always had a theory that most men are not actually bi. My male friend who is gay says, “bi now, gay later.”

On the other hand I do think that most women are, to an extent, bisexual. Women are hotter, can’t we agree? Even if I would prefer a long term relationship with a man, I still find many women attractive and check them out/envy them (thats for you ms. haight!)

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Women are infinitely hotter, it’s a simple visual issue. Smooth curves will trump hairy wrinkles every time.

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I have to agree. As an art geek, I can’t get enough of the female figure. Just… Mmmm.

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For me, its a lot, not a little. But its the same with the opposite sex as well. When I was single, I never had a shortage of dates. ;p

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And Freud said that all men have oedipus syndrome (or are sexually attracted to our mommy in other words). Perhaps both this question and Freud’s observation assume the same error of misinterpreting a part for the whole (not meant to be derogatory at all by that). There are clearly certain characteristics that all of humanity shares, but there are many that are also unique to only some individuals. Even speaking on sexual issues different people are aroused by different things. Simply put, not everyone is turned on by the same stuff.

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I’m gay and if asked “do you think all gay people have a small attraction to the opposite sex?”, I would say absolutely not. However, I am a firm believer in the Kinsey Scale , and have friends that range all over the scale. I am a 6 (exclusively homosexual), my 3 close friends are 0, 2 and 4.

Using my own and my friends’ sexualities as my experience, sexuality isn’t something that can be clear-cut in black and white.It’s a fluid thing that can often shift, especially during adolescence. However teenagers who are worried about that can feel safe knowing that it usually levels out to a degree when you transition into an adult.

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As I once heard a wise woman say, “I am straight, but not necessarily by choice.” I have examined this issue carefully in myself. I do not have a physical attraction to the opposite sex. I think it might be interesting if I did.

@TheHaight I am not sure checking women out is the same. I do that too, but do not have that rush of sexual interest I have when I check out guys. It is more just noticing them in comparison.

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I think we’re all just a little gay…

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“All”? Nah.

Is there a lot of same-sex attraction that does go ignored or hidden, though? Yeah.

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