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Do you ever wake up laughing?--start laughing in your sleep and wake yourself up with it?

Asked by Jeruba (51919points) November 10th, 2015
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It doesn’t happen to me all the time, but it probably occurs two or three times a year.

Example? Browsing through some old questions, I found this, which I’d totally forgotten about.

That was unique, though. Sometimes it’s just such a ridiculous sight or situation in the dream that it breaks right through the barrier of the unconscious. When I awaken and hear my husband grumbling in the dark, “Oh, God, not again, now what?” it makes me laugh even harder. Pretty hard to go back to sleep sometimes.

Does this ever happen to you?

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Never experienced anything like that before, but I sometimes wake up hearing a shout and realize that I am the one who shouts. Often the dream that trigger the shouting involve exciting or extreme, and I have to shout to call someone or just out of excitement. It’s hard to get back to sleep afterward too.

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That has not happened in a looooooong time! Wish it woukd, it puts you into instant relaxed mode. Unfortunately I wake up anxious or upset most times!

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Yes! The wife does it too! It happens very rarely, but it does happen. More frequently the wife will start singing while asleep. It just tickles me to be sitting in the kitchen at 3 am and suddenly hear “wheels of the bus” or “drink my liquor ”. It’s always just 3 or 4 word mid tune snatches before the snoring resumes. It cracks me up.

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I hope everyone clicks the link to your spectacular dream. And I really do feel that “Alice in Wonderland” Is one of the truly great and unerappreciated works of literature.

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Yes. And what’s even more strange is that after I wake up I don’t remember what I was even laughing at! It makes me feel like a lunatic haha.

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Never woke up laughing. I would love that as an alternative to what I do. I wake up bleeding. I sleepwalk a lot, and occassionally sleepcrash. Sometimes really really bad sleepcrashes. I tie my arm to the bed now.

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Yes, many times I’ve waked up laughing. Also crying, yelling, snorting, punching the air or having a leg cramp.

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I’ve woken myself up crying many times, but never laughing.

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