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I had a dream that my best guy friend hugged me?

Asked by Melody12234 (98points) November 21st, 2015
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I already have a crush in real life.. But, instead of my Crush hugging me in the dream; it was one of my best friends.. In the dream we met in the hallway at or high-school like usual and we have a short conversation that seemed normal at the time. But then, he takes a step forward and hugs me, which I take a moment to process, but gladly accept and slowly hug back. I could literally feel myself blushing in the dream so out of embarrassment I clutched onto his jacket sleeve that he was wearing and looked up at him. He only smiled and looked down at me.. Then the rest of the dream was kinda fuzzy now until the end, which ended with me hugging him this time, but he accepted and hugged back. So, does this mean anything? Is this the way I want him to act? or.. am I just developing feelings for him without even noticing it?

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Next time you see him, run up and hug him fiercely, and all will be determined.

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Could just mean that you subconsciously you either realize that he is a more practical choice to your current crush, or you want to play it safe, or you notice that he may have feelings for you. I remember having a dream about a guy when I was in my teens that confused me because I knew without a doubt that I was not interested in him. I was attracted to his looks but had no real interest in him as a person. We had no common interests. Then I figured it was just hormones messing with my head. It could just be your hormones. You will dream about a lot of people over the next few years. Many whom you’ve never met or ever will meet. Doesn’t mean ignore them, but if you know without a doubt you have not interest in real life, then, ignore it, it probably is just a combo of hormones meet available.

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It means that you should be a romance writer.

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@RedDeerGuy1… That reply made me laugh… - I do spend my time writing.. So I guess that’s possible.

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It sounds like you are at least possibly seeing him in the light of a possible romantic interest.

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With dreams, the thing that’s usually trying to get your attention tends to be in the feeling of the dream, rather than in the symbols (who, what), so try to get how the dream has you feel – what’s it about? Which is something only you can answer for yourself.

However, we can tell you what it might mean to us. Just use that as a possible suggestion or view which may shed light on what it really means to you, not as us giving you the answer, because we can’t.

If it were my dream, I would take a moment to check in with my openness to affection with that friend, but usually for me a dream with romantic content isn’t really about me being interested in that person – it’s just using someone I know to get me to reflect on something. I might also check in with my feelings to see if maybe my current crush is something to reconsider. But I wouldn’t take any of it as advice or information – more as an invitation to check in with my feelings. ... if it were my dream.

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It’s just a hug and a hug is nothing more than a full body handshake. I don’t see what the big deal is.

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