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Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA!

Asked by BosM (4672points) November 26th, 2015
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How will you celebrate, what are some of your family traditions?

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Today we celebrate with family, an Italian feast of ravioli and meatballs followed by turkey and all the fixings… then pie, cake, and other desserts. Lot’s of football and catching up with family and friends. Hope you have a wonderful day too :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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Smoked turkey, wine and family.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrating with family.

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I flew from Honolulu to Texas and drove 2 hours to my parents’ house last weekend. I’ve spent the time visiting with them, my son who lives here, and my sister and brother-in-law. Yesterday, I drove 2 hours back to the airport and picked up my daughter from the Big Island and my other daughter from New York City. When we got back to my parents’, my other sister, her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson had arrived.

Today, we’ll deep-fry a turkey and cook all the other dishes. My dad bakes and has already made 4 or 5 pies. It will be an enormous feast.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you, @BosM, and to you and all of the Jellies and their loved ones, and, well to to all of us everywhere!

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Thanks, and one of my traditions is making my home made cranberry/apple relish. Delicious and converts even the most die hard cranberry sauce haters. haha

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Gluing, painting and nailing. Also, cleaning.

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@Dutchess_III What, are you building coffins for your guests and family? The last supper? lol

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Today I made an oat-pecan crusted pumpkin pie and am currently baking candied pecans as we speak. I am going to get in the shower soon and head to my parents’ house. It’s just a small gathering, my sis, us and parents. Peaceful and nice, and we’ll all appreciate each other. A friend who lives 20 minutes north of me invited me over, but she has to go to work at 10 so that means she’s leaving at 9, and it’s not likely I’ll leave my parents’ house in time to get to her by 9.

Tomorrow, maybe shopping for birthday gift for party Saturday. Saturday party and hairdresser.

@Dutchess_III: No turkey?

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Cranberry sauce that looks like a can. Please don’t annoy me with any of that elegant, whole-berry stuff; I need the jellied version that slides out with a wonderful “shlmpf” noise, wiggles around on a plate, and has indentations from the can’s seam and rings. I grew up loving that mid-20th century take on cranberry sauce, and I still love it.

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No! My shelves, @Coloma. I just finished the last one. Oh my God. After all these months. I’m almost done. All the hard stuff IS done. What’s left won’t take half a day.

However, in honor of the day Rick did buy a pecan pie and I think I shall have some now.

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I’m having separate dinners with the two sides of my family that don’t talk to each other, lol.

My folks have an older puggle that’s kind of spoiled and overfed. She is sooooo sweet and affectionate and looks a lot like a potato. My favorite thing is watching holiday movies after dinner and she sits on the couch next to you.

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Cute dog, @Haleth!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Hubby and I are both in bad shape this week, and weren’t able to have a celebration (or even any traditional food), so it’s kind of a bummer around here right now. On the plus side, I found out my daughters made extra pecan pie to give to me sometime this weekend. Thankful for them! And pie. :)

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We had a great day. Just the 5 of us. Food was excellent, all homemade and my pie was a hit. It was peaceful and then we took a walk afterwards. Then I hung out on the couch playing with my daughter. She stayed at my parents’ house which was a bonus. Coming home, the highway toward the mall was packed with cars. Nuts.

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@augustlan Awww….sorry to hear that, hope you’re both on the mend soon.
My poor daughter came down with the stomach flu Weds. night, so her Thanksgiving was ruined too. A ginger ale feast for her. haha

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