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Dating best friend? [Details inside]?

Asked by 6 (4points) November 30th, 2015
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Should I consider your best friend as a date option? (1st date) Could it possibly work out and last considering it would be my first date? Finally, what would you do if it’s not reciprocal? Right now I fear asking her out and if she says yes, that the relation fails and I lose my closest friend.

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No. Things get messy after a break up.

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I was in this situation exactly.

I was really great friends with this boy but then we got into a relationship. Lasted 2 months. It could’ve lasted longer if the circumstances were different, but either way I still kind of regretted ever getting into it because the friendship was ruined.

If you think you two have got a shot, then go for it. But ask yourself first if you’d be okay sacrificing what you already have as friends.
You’re young. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll have learned about what you want it a relationship and there will always be more friends for you to make.

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Terrible idea, people in general are not mature enough to enter those types of commitment with friends. If you did not love them as more than friends before, it is highly unlikely, but not impossible, to sustain it once you have seen each other naked and swapped body fluids. The friendship will be lasting, if it is not toi the point you will seal it with a ring, a relationship might last a season, but there will be an end.

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