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Do you ever have one of those days when you're better off just keeping your mouth shut?

Asked by Judi (40020points) November 30th, 2015
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For the last couple of days I have been just pissy and snarky. I really should probably stay off of social media for a while. I have a smart ass answer for everything and I am not sure what’s gotten into me. I even feel like an electric discomfort in my body and I just want to lash out!
This is so different from the person in envision myself to be.
Have YOU ever had a day or a season where you just wanted to chew everyone up and spit them out?
Have you ever acted completely out of character for yourself and didn’t understand why? How long did it last? How did you get over it? Did you ever figure out what caused it?
(Right about here I’m inclined to put a snarky remark like, “If not then Fu@% you” but I have a little more control than that.)

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(Redacted )

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Yes, I have experienced this type of behavior in myself. It lasted for about 3 days when I had to severely curtail my interactions with everyone. It passed, I’m glad to say.

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Let it go , let it goo!!!!

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@divinepk3r , it’s not like something I’m holding onto, its like something is holding on to me!

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Every day there’s at least one thing I’m better off not saying.

It took me about 30 years to learn to resist the buildup of pressure behind my lips when something seems to want saying. Hardly ever is silence the wrong choice.

I sure do have days when I feel crabby and things just aren’t going my way at all. When I’m just twitchy and restless and mad. When I’m almost looking forward to somebody’s doing or saying something I can grab onto and take offense, as an outlet for the mood. When I’d just like to bite somebody.

Usually I can collect myself enough to say “I think I’d better stay away from everybody for a while.” Sometimes I grab my Kindle and go to Starbucks and buy a very large cup of tea. Sometimes I close the door to my room and watch a movie. And sometimes I do an angry laundry or wash some angry dishes or sweep an angry floor.

(And if I happen to be on Fluther, I use the delete key a lot.)

It passes.

Dear @Judi, you are so smart to recognize it and locate its source somewhere in you. I hope you can quell the beast quickly.

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You have a smart arse answer for everything?
Marry me :D

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Oh, yes. I am in that kind of state on a regular basis. For me, it is almost always caused by too much input, and I can cure myself with breathing techniques, hugging humans or dogs, and calm songs playing on repeat. In extreme cases, I need a day to myself.

Maybe you need a break from life? Got anything on your schedule which you could cancel?

Feel better soon!

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Yes. My solution on fluther has been to answer once or twice, then unfollow the question. Once I’ve said my piece.. there’s really no point to continue (especially with a volatile topic.. one that I know my opinion won’t be readily received).

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@longgone , I have a pretty idillic life. I’m semi retired, have a lovely home with the most spectacular view of snow capped mountains, a husband who adores me (Sorry @ucme ) two dogs that make me laugh and 9 amazing grandchildren although none of them live in the same town as me.
I am feeling a tad guilty because I am in yoga teacher training right now and I have been neglecting my personal practice. I really need someone to kick my arse up to the yoga room and get my serenity on!

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@Jeruba , I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until I realized my nephew had blocked me on Facebook. I got a little snarky with one of his bigoted friends on his page. I think it may have been his boss.

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And…... one of my answers (that had 5 GA’s) just got edited as a personal attack. I knew it was blunt but it was factual. See what I mean! I’m out of control! Ugh!

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@Judi That’s okay, bigamy is frowned upon anyway.

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Try not to deny yourself permission to feel stressed. No matter how idyllic a life you lead, something seems to be eating at you. Remember, you get to define what “too much” means. Some people thrive while rushing from meeting to meeting – and then, there are those who can become stressed at the number of people walking by the house. On some days, that’s me – I like my life, I like people, I like my apartment – but sometimes, I need to shut the world out for a while, just so I can hear myself think.

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I find that exercise helps. I don’t mean a walk around the block; I’m talking about 30 – 60 minutes of heart-pounding, sweat-pouring physical activity. At least for me, that always takes the edge off.

Also, as so nicely put by @longgone, you have the universe’s permission to be only human.

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All too often I wish I had kept my mouth shut. I was thinking about this just the other day, and decided I need to get back into a line if work where I talk more of all things. You know those studies that show women say many more words per day than men? I think that’s generally true, and I think I have been deprived of it, so when I have someone’s ear I drone on too much, and sometimes get myself into trouble.

As far as being snarky. I’ve gone through my moments. I should say days, weeks, years. For about a year, a year ago, I was angry about everything, and so my temper was very short. I also realize now my thyroid meds probably contributed to it.

When I was a teen I was very short tempered for a few years on and off. Someone of it was teenage angst, but most of it was dealing with a cheating, lying, boyfriend.

Also, when I feel someone is trying to take advantage of me, or condescend to me, I have a very extreme reaction.

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The job I do requires that I be diplomatic, so I walk a fine line between fighting for members of my organization and exercising diplomacy

On the rare occasions I am snarky with people, it’s usually well thought out, or else I take a step back and ask myself what’s going on. Is it hormonal or did my reaction come from some subconscious issue from the past that maybe I’m not remembering. Usually I can get to the root of it and then determine my next course of action (leaving it alone vs. trying to mend the damage).

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If you ask if I have any moment that I’d be better off shutting my mouth altogether for the rest of the day, then yes. I can be too mean to ever say anything, especially around people I don’t like but I’m forced to be. But most of the time I just keep myself shut, because there’s no point starting a mindless argument. But that’s not out of character at all, because I already have many “faces” and that’s just another part of me. Sometimes I can be just grumpy and everything I say end up horrible.

And if you ask if I have anything I prefer not saying, I always have something I’d rather not say. I know my audience and I can sort out things to say. No one can get all of me.

Right now maybe this response sounds mean without I realizing :p

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One of those days??? How about one of those lifes!

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Oh, so you’re channeling me today, @Judi?

I wish I could say I was borrowing your kind demeanor and could now return it, but I haven’t seen it around these parts.

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About 30 years ago I had to take some meds for an allergic reaction that affected my breathing. If I recall it was something like “terbutaline” (doesn’t matter). As soon as I took it, everyone else on the planet turned stupid and irritating. What an uncanny coincidence!
Fortunately I noticed the statistical improbability of such a condition – and responded accordingly.

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No. Sometimes you just have to let it out. I listen to a few science podcasts and I just heard a story that ranting can be healthy, body and mind.

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@Jeruba Actually, I thought it might be “life’s” since it’s only one/singular/mine.

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No, @kritiper. No apostrophe for plurals*. The plural of “life” is “lives,” and you signaled the plural by your construction using “those,” just as you did in the preceding phrase with “one of those days.” You wouldn’t say “one of those day.”

*with very narrow, specific stylistic exceptions

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@Judi…I have noticed that! I was wondering if something was wrong. IS something specific wrong? (I haven’t read the answers.) Is there something in your everyday life that is pissing you off that you can’t address, for whatever reason? Some frustration?

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@Jeruba Details, details… I believe in poetic expression.

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@longgone “there are those who can become stressed at the number of people walking by the house”

Well put. Sometimes that’s me too. It’s a small but real comfort to know it’s not just me.

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@Jeruba Thanks. Ever since I’ve lived on the ground floor, I’ve been needing to block some of my biggest windows. I have blinds which let in the light, but are not see-through. I’ve noticed that I turn into one of those nervous little dogs when I see too much of the world – there are people passing every couple of minutes, and my eyes follow every single one. Drives me insane, the blinds are extremely helpful.

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OMG yes!! Lately everything my dispatcher or boss says pisses me right off,like they are on a new prescription of stupid pills.

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LOL! “What do you mean turn right? That’s a river!”

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