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Did my dream make me like my crush?

Asked by kittybearez (75points) December 4th, 2015
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So, when I was in gym one day, there was a boy who sits next to me because of our squads and we never talked or anything + he was in my home room but we still never talked. One day when we were doing track me and him were talking just about random stuff (nothing special) and we went home and it was a Friday and we had a 2 week break. I never thought of him at all but one night I had a dream that we were in lunch and the teacher said something about it being hot and that the boys can take their shirts off and so they did. There were many boys who had their shirt off and I looked around in my dream. The boy who I hung out with was across of me and he took off his shirt.I was suprised that he took off his shirt and I just looked at him for a second then I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about the dream. Did I make myself like him by thinking of him alot because of my dream??

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You dreamt about him because he was on your mind already. Maybe that means you were starting to like him before the dream, maybe it only occurred to you later.

But what really matters is how you feel and what you think while you are awake. Only you know whether or not you really like him.

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I agree with the wise leaves above.

Dreams don’t make us like things. They tend to be things that want our attention, but the specific things that show up in dreams are just handy symbols – often people other details in dreams change during a dream, and often aren’t even about the things themselves. It’s more about what ever feelings are behind the dream, for you.

It is of course possible to think about someone and get interested in them, or at least your imagination of them, by doing that. It’s quite different relating to people in person, though.

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Could have helped you sort out the whys and why nots to come to the realization, so yes.

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Your dream didn’t make you like him, it was just manifesting that you already did. Dreams don’t just make up things out of the blue, they stem from your thoughts each day.

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“groan”. This won’t mean a thing to you ( though it may well in your future). If permitted to relive my life, there would be nothing to compare with the satisfaction in knowing that I would not repeat the mistake of squandering all of those teenage man hours on this kind of stuff. You have my sympathy.

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Oh yes.

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