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Is it better for children to light themselves on fire, or Adults?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) July 23rd, 2008
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Is it normal or better for children to behave reckless when they are children, or when they are older, or adults, and have better time to plan out their stunts and upload the results to youtube?

Yeah. I’m looking at you, white kids on CNN headline news.

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I think it is much better for adults to light children on fire. That way you can ensure maximum burning.

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I think it would be worse if anyone lit themselves on fire.

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Don’t much really get this question.

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I say lock them each in a room with a chemistry set and may the best age bracket win.

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Well… kids at least have their sutures open for significantly more flexibility to their skeletal system. They’re less likely to get hurt in some cases, when its blunt force things… unless its like a hammer to the head, that’d inflict less damage on more solid skull of an adult.

A kid would fare better jumping off a ten foot roof, but not if they landed on their head. The biggest weakness is lack of muscle and multiple-bone-skulls that are thin that don’t protect their brain as well.

An adults muscles would also protect them to some extent. Tensing up before something disastrous is essentially protecting yourself with your muscles. Being too young could render them unable to protect their spinal cord from snapping. No musculature to make sure that it doesn’t get twisted the wrong way.

Burning… hmm… I think an adult would survive quite a bit better than a child. More body fat, and larger lungs to deal with smoke inhalation.

I probably wasn’t supposed to take this question all that seriously…

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How about kids lighting themselves on fire under adult supervision? That way they get the practice, while being kept an eye on by someone with experience….....

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I like fire?

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As a firefighter I must say this is stupid

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in this questions defense, it makes a lot more sense if you read the description. The title is shocking by ultimately misleading.

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I’d like to know how Jupiter is related to this question.

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It’s called the Darwin affect. Hopefully anyone foolish enough to set themselves on fire does it well enough that they remove themselves from the gene pool.

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Where is the stupid question button?

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Yeah- this is natural selection.
You cannot stop nature.

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hey, i’ve light myself on fire successfully multiple times both for my pleasure and those around me. if you’re not a dumbass, its fine. but generally, if you’re a kid they expect you to act stupid, but society usually frowns on adults doing it.

in response to chris’s post, i think children lighting adults on fire is better because that allows for much more surface area of burn, which equals greater maximum burning.

what i found particularly depressing on the news a couple months ago was those 15/16 year old girls who ganged up on one girl and beat the shit out of her on videotape then posted it on myspace and thought they were cool. wtf???? like they didn’t know they were going to get arrested? kids these days. but i digress

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Most kids grow up to be the idiots their parents were. (I’m heavily generalizing).
So it’s the exact same thing.

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