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Frank's Red Hot Sauce - Best Chicken Ever?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) July 23rd, 2008
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Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is amazing! Put it on food, particulary chicken, and it’s just amazing! Not quite as spicy as I prefer, but it is all well flavored.

KFC’s sauceless buffalo wings? I know your scam… Adding Cayenne Pepper to the batter is no innovation.

Anyway, Hooters wings suck too. Flat butts and a high consolidation of B-Cups don’t make up for low quality and High Cost.

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Get some Franks Red hot, put it in a sauce pan and melt in some butter, then mix in a little sugar and cook it until it all dissolves. Then add some gorgonzola cheese and cook until it melts down. Use this on a buffalo chicken cheese steak. YUM!

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On the grill, smoke wings & drumettes over hickory wood, seasoned simply with salt & pepper. When finished, toss with a simple sauce of Frank’s and melted butter. Serve with homemade Bleu cheese dressing. They won’t last.

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@Lovelocke: Funny thing about it is that KFC had the sauceless hot wings over 10 years ago, but discontinued them. I liked them then, like them now, but nothing compares to Frank’s Red Hot.

I even had a roomate in college that drank it right out of the bottle! He loved it that much.

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Wow that would kill me. No literally, I would die. I am severely allergic to cayenne/red pepper. I stop breathing, throat closes up, break out all over and feel drunk. And the damned thing about it is that I love spicy food.

You know cayenne is in everything? Chocolate, medicines, those slap on heat pads and they’re even starting to use it in surgeries.

The worst part about this is uberbatman just made me really want it too. If we had a “How would you want to die?” question, this would be my answer!

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Frank’s is what we used here in Buffalo, deep fried wings shaken in butter and sauce. The only proper way!

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