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Can you advise me on the proper craft adhesive for my project?

Asked by Cupcake (15437points) December 14th, 2015
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I have decorated empty glass ball ornaments to give as gifts for Christmas. One brand of sticker is not adhering well. What would be the best adhesive? I would prefer to not put anything over the top of the sticker.

I can probably send you a photo, if that would help.

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100% Silicone adheres well to glass. For best adhesion you should etch the glass and use a silicone primer first.

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So I’m using 30 cent ornaments that I’ve already put the stickers on. Etching sounds like a pain… what does it involve, exactly?

These are cheap, see-how-much-I-love-you gifts. The sticker is narrow (~¼ inch?) and long with words on it. The middle is adhering fine, but some of the ends (the longer ones with more words) are sticking up.

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Beacon makes some good glues. Craft Glue is one and then Beacon 527 is a multi-use glue that is for metal, cork, tile, ceramics, wood, paper, glass and more (looking at the Beacon 527 tube in front of me). Dries fast and clear. About $5 at Walmart.

I’m sure etching is the best way to go, but adds another layer of work and money (for supplies) for what I think you intended to be a simple craft project, going by what you wrote (cheap, “see how much I love you” project).

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@Cupcake Then if it was me I would be using a glue gun. Quick easy done.

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@jca Thank you. I googled it – looks like a perfect option.

It seems like thick glue (like a glue gun) would stick the ends of the sticker up much higher and maybe leak out around the edges. Am I wrong about that??

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The beacon website has a store locator that allows you to enter your zip code, distance desired and the product you’re interested in. How helpful!!

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Hot glue is thick and it is hard to control, especially on finely detailed items, in my opinion.

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If you’re putting the sticker on the inside of the ball (so the glass itself will be protecting the sticker) Aleene’s makes a “Reverse Collage” glue for just that purpose.

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@Seek I think that’s a good idea for if I do something similar next year. Thanks!

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