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Can you help me understand audio formats (please see inside)

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) December 18th, 2015
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I have audio files (such as music) on my Windows 7 PC that are mostly MP3, but some are AAC and some are WAV. I can also download audio or the audio portion of a video in any of the above formats as well as M4A, WMA, and OGG.

My CD player cannot play MP3s. What format should the audio file be, so that I can play it on my CD player? (I’m talking about a separate CD player, not the one in my PC.)

Can I convert the MP3s to that format, and what software is best for this purpose? If I don’t want to install new software, is there a website that I can use for the conversion?

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To play on a CD player that can’t play MP3’s, you need to burn them to a CD where the CD itself is burned as an “audio disc” (sometimes called “Redbook Audio format”), not as a “data disc”. Look for an “audio disc” option on your burner software.

Yes, software can burn any audio file format (that the specific software is programmer for) to audio CD format. It converts it to uncompressed waveform data (like WAV files) of the format audio CDs use.

IIRC most versions of Windows or Windows Media Player will burn audio discs, so you probably already have the software or Windows function to do it.

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Itunes can burn an audio CD. Link

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To summarize my understanding:
So, I can start with any audio file in whatever format (MP3, AAC, whatever) and use software like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Roxio, etc., and just burn it to a CD in “audio disc” format. Is this correct?

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Yes, correct.

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