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Did you have a dream in childhood that you still remember?

Asked by flutherother (31781points) December 20th, 2015
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Interpret ‘dream’ as you will/

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Yes, many. One I particularly recall many decades later was about my dad shortly after he passed away. We were riding in an invisible vehicle (kind of a go-cart), very close to the street. I was steering, he was seated behind me. It was a leisurely, very pleasant ride until the car started speeding up and then got out of control. As we rounded a steep curve, we tipped over and were thrown into the grass. He disappeared, and I suddenly realized he was dead and I was alone.

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When I got crushed by a slowly lowering ceiling.

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I figured out how to fly. All I had to do was tighten my “stomach muscles” (abs). I had to tighten them much much harder than the feeling of doing something like 20 sit-ups. That would lift me just off the ground. If I really scrunched hard I could soar.

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I had a repetitive nightmare in which I was in an enormous, dark space with a fragment of brick wall in the middle, lit with spotlights. The wall was about 20 feet high and about 15 feet long. peering over the top at me was a huge monster, and when I ran from him, I never knew if he was around the corner of the wall – I would peek around the corner and see him peeking around the other end.

I woke up screaming every night for weeks.

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The one I recall because it recurred so frequently was that of a steam locomotive chugging away in my bedroom.

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Yes, I was chased by a bear and it sat on me crushing me. I remember how I struggled to breathe (a battle I was losing). It was terrifying.

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One, which was clearly my subconscious working overtime, included my grandfather. He passed away when I was almost two, but in this dream from when I was five, I remembered him clearly.

We were swimming in a river, and got eaten by piranhas.

Yay, night terrors.

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directed by james cameron?

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Lots of nudity, lots of pleasure, lots of tissues…c’mon, I was 12.

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directed by Rolf Harris?

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Nah, Jimmy Saville

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I don’t remember the detail, but I remember having a dream in which I was shot. Then I woke up terrified. No idea what the heck I’d been watching on television.

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