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How do I get more out of my dream world?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) December 27th, 2015
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How to I make my dream world better? In my dream world I can time travel and I am alone. How can I find someone to travel with. Like how the doctor in Doctor Who does.

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Get out more often ! ! Dream while you are walking.

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OTC thing.

It gives me very vivid and fun dreams. Easier to go lucid too.

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Stuff your mind with exciting things before bed. Maybe watch an interesting film and go to bed immediately.

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The first rule is I can’t talk about it.
The second rule is I can’t talk about it.

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Expand your experiences. Go to the library and get novels to read and read them. Walk everyday and observe the neighbors and the neighborhood. As you gain experiences, your dreams will be populated with reflections of your experience.

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Serious answer, based on having taken some classes on dreaming: You may already have companions, but you may not yet recognize them. Characters for most dreamers can and do change appearance (sort of like a non-material version of the Doctor’s regenerations, though more like shapeshifters or illusions), but you can start to look for (or get a feel for) re-occurring characters or re-occurring spirits inside different-looking characters. Some people call returning benevolent ones “dream allies”.

As for developing your dreaming in general. First, try to get in the habit of recording them as much as you can, either on paper or to a recorder (there are apps for this). Second, try developing your awareness of your state both when you’re in the process of falling asleep, and when you’re dreaming but know you’re dreaming, and perhaps when you’re awake but the dream state is semi-available too.

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Do you mean to say that there’s really no other people in your dreams? Really!?

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