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SEGA Dreamcast 2 - Would you consider it today?

Rumors, rumors. Speculation continues to develop concerning the long-rumored SEGA Dreamcast 2: A system that exclusively sells games over the Internet to players. This would allow the console to retail new, big budget games at $29.99 – Less than half of the MSRP of other leading High Def gaming systems. It would support many retro Sega titles (arcade and home originals alike), as well as new indie-developed titles, all to be streamed online or quickly loaded from hard drives instead of slower, more expensive formats.

Would the appeal of such a console be enough to make a splash in the current console race? Historically, only 3 systems have been able to reasonably compete against each other per generation… So who do you think SEGA’s sales figures could eclipse? The historic, runaway success of the Wii? The firmly established and featured Xbox 360? Or the PS3… who’s best selling point and strategy has been “it plays movies”?

Let the blood flow. Sonic sucks, by the way… But I wouldn’t mind a sequel to REZ, Ecco, or House of the Dead and Virtua Cop.

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