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How can I monetize my web app?

Asked by counteragent (30points) July 24th, 2008
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I’ve got a web app I made and it’s gotten some great press. However, it still doesn’t get the amazing daily numbers to make any money through CPM. What alternatives or sites are there to help me make my web app a monetary success?

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What does your app do? I ask, because you may be able to ally with larger, more heavily trafficked sites.

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Tap, tap, tap….strike. Eagerly awaiting counteragent’s response.

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@shi Oh crap, have I been gullible? Should we flag?

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I didn’t want to seem like a shameless self promoter, that’s why I didn’t include a link. However, it’s just a simple web app to add comic balloons to pictures. Please don’t flag, I really do want an answer. Also, if you want a link let me know. Thanks.

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Maybe add a donate button. If its a good app and its free, you will be surprised by how many people will donate money. For example, i personally have donated a small amount to people who give away new css techniques

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You could add a donate button like mirza suggested. You’d be surprised how many people would just fork over cash. You could also approach advertisers or an advertising network with sponsorship opportunities if your numbers support it. The main thing you’ll have to do though is increase traffic. Period. No one will pay to advertise on a web app no one uses.

Consider porting your app over to other arenas as well. Facebook is a good place to pick up users and ultimately you can actually charge for your app if it gets accepted to the iPhone App Store, so consider branching out as well.

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