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How do you clear a vacuum cleaner hose?

Asked by AdventureElephants (1410points) December 30th, 2015
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My hose is impacted pretty solidly with pet hair and dirt. I’ve tried a coat hanger and managed to clear the ends, but how can I clear the middle of the tube? The coat hanger isn’t doing the trick.


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I had this problem, and it wasn’t until I had the problem I discovered the hose is detachable. I took the hose off and pushed a broom handle through it. The irony was not wasted.

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Broom handle!!! Brilliant!

It’s already detached from the vacuum, the wire wasn’t stiff enough. You’re a genius.

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I’ve detached it and taken it to the bathtub faucet. The water pushes the clog out of the hose. Then you pick it up out of the tub with a tissue.

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Turn it around and let the air suck from the other end. And the broom handle works wonders.

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My metal skewer just wasn’t doing the job. I’m glad I found this question. I’m going to go grab my broom and fix my sweeper!

My metal skewer just wasn’t doing the job. That sounds like the beginning to an infomercial.

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Things I personally could find easier than a broom handle:
dry garden hose
walking cane

hey, so we don’t sweep a lot

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@ibstubro I have none of those but my broom is resting right next to my sweeper. :)

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Amazingly enough (~), we have a decent sized walking cane collection. Of course, I couldn’t use one of the glass ones to clear the vacuum hose.

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While the hose is detached I would also recommend checking the remaining dust pathway to the motor, to the extent that you can – with the machine unplugged! If the hose has been clogged, it’s likely that the clog has extended to (or even started at) the gooseneck / serpentine path to the motor. I discovered that this morning as I cleared a blockage between the hose inlet and the dust cup on a Dyson machine. The hose had a very minor blockage, but the machine had been run until the dust cup was overfull, and the suction kept on packing dorg hair into the inlet to the cup, until that inlet was packed nearly solid.

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^^^ Excellent point, @CWOTUS. The clog usually starts at a restriction point and builds from there.

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