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What is your daily food budget?

Asked by AdventureElephants (1410points) January 14th, 2016
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Do you eat three meals a day on your budget? How many people do you feed, at what cost per person, per day?

How closely do you manage a food budget? Do you mostly eat prepared meals at home, TV dinner type foods at home, order in, or eat out?

Do you drink alcohol, and is that part of your budget?

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I don’t have one. I feed two people, myself and my child.

Sometimes I cook, sometimes it’s frozen food, sometimes it’s going out to a restaurant or friend’s house for dinner.

I eat at home and out. I don’t normally drink alcohol. Only a few times a year at special occasions.

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When I eat out, I usually try and average $6/meal. Lately, I’ve been eating out a lot since I’m moving next month.

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When I retired, I estimated $35 a day to feed my wife and me. Figuring six total meals, that’s about $6 a meal. We haven’t been within our budget. We tend to eat in restaurants at least twice a week. When we travel down to the Bay Area to see the kids, it’s a budget buster.

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I spend around 70ish for just myself. Last time I ate out was Christmas Eve when I got Chinese with the family. However, my sister on Sunday usually makes me something like a few big pans of manacotti and ten chicken breasts and drops them off for me monday morning.

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I spend £5.00 a day on meals I make at home for myself and another £2.50 a day on eating out.

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I do not have a spending budget. I am conservative with money and am fortunate to not have money worries. I figure I spend about $75 per week on average

However, I do have a mental calorie budget. (We all should.)
I aim for a nominal 600, 600, 1000 calories for breakfast, lunch, dinner respectively.
If I happen to go out for breakfast to meet a coworker I will usually spend $10 for meal coffee and tip. I’ll estimate it at 800 -1000 calories so I’ll back off on lunch.
If I skip lunch I might have a glass of sweet white wine with dinner. I might add a dessert – left over chocolates that have been sitting around since the last holiday.

If I am going to be working very hard for sustained periods in cold climate I will bump up the calorie budget to about 4000 calories per day.
I do not keep notes or diary. I did it for a short while about 30 years ago and learned to estimate.
A quick step on a scale tells me if I am trending high or low and I’ll make a minor correction either way.

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No official budget but we spent too much, like $250 a week or more. We’ll eat out a couple of nights but our grocery bills are high, especially in the non summer months when local vegetables are not available and our meager garden can’t supplement what we buy from the farmers market. We eat mostly vegetables which is actually expensive.

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I have no idea. I think we spend about $150 a week between groceries and eating out. So, that’s about $11 per person per day I guess. Some weeks it easily is $200 for the two of us.

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We have about $150 per week to spend on groceries for myself, husband, 12 yr old daughter and two adult sons living at home, but I end up spending more so we’ve had to cut back on other bills. We dropped out of our contract with Us Cellular and now use a call and text app with home wifi. We are about to lose our cable. I have to count every penny I spend when I go grocery shopping.

I prepare homemade meals six nights a week and we have a frozen pizza night on the seventh night. We can only afford to go out for dinner about five times per year. I make lunch for both my husband and daughter to take to work and school. I just eat small snacks throughout the day at home and brew my own coffee.

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