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Will you help me with this "homework" question, please?

“A buyer purchased a property for $79,650. The buyer obtained a first mortgage for 83% of the purchase price with a 6% down payment. The owner finaanced the balance of the purchase price. What would be the amount for the second mortgage financed by the seller?”

A) $8,235.81
B) 8,761.50 ***********
C) 13,540.50
D) 17,345.98

Per the teacher, B is the right answer but I can’t seem to get to that no matter how I slice it.

I’m not going to go through all the contortions I’ve been going through because my brain is fried and I have to stop for today. I really do.

PS, it’s not really “Homework” per se. She won’t be grading it. She just wants us to figure out how she got there.


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