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Would putting the snowblower away trigger a snowpocalypse?

Asked by majorrich (14736points) February 5th, 2016
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I bought a snowblower in the fall in preparation to another winter like last year. Naturally this has been an extraordinarily mild winter because of that. (At least in Central Ohio) If I put the blower back in the yard barn would the Murphy effect trigger a snowpocalypse?
In an effort to balance the equation, I just had new tires put on my car. Is the Tire mojo enough to offset the snowblower mojo?

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Yeah, I catch your drift.

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It might trigger a giant ice ball from a passing plane or meteor to fall through your roof or a freak hailstorm. I would be careful, the snow gods might be angry.

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@majorrich I did the same thing this fall and that big bad ass snowblower must have scared away all the snow.

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You should extort “insurance” money from the airlines and other weather vulnerable industries. After all, insurance is a reputable business.

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I’m pretty sure it would. Try it.

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I did go out and start it this afternoon, just to inform all the weather pixies that I am still packin’!

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Back in the day, I knew putting away my raingear was always immediately followed by a huge storm.

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Don’t even think about it….

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“The Murphy effect.” I’ve never heard it called that.
I call it “Johnston’s Law.” And Johnston’s law states that Murphy’s Law is ALWAYS in effect and it can and will affect YOU. So don’t even THINK about taking chances! ANYTHING is possible at ANYTIME so be prepared. (Some people seem to go through life like Murphy’s Law has no effect on them, and never will.)
But I know exactly what you are saying. If you get a new paint job on the car, the first scratch or small dent will happen SOON! Like the car gods (one of whom is named Murphy) did it just to piss you off.

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I like to call it the Murphy effect because I didn’t want to invoke the wrath of the Murphy Pixies that I have evaded in the past.

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The snow pixies once again were intimidated by the mojo of Blower and Tires. A trivial sprinkling of snow here in Central Ohio. Most to the south got whammered.

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All because I tested the electric start of my snowblower on Sunday…Monday I woke up to a whopping ¼” blizzard of snowfall that my 24” wide analog push broom quickly and easily dispatched.

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I don’t know about a snowpocalypse but snowblowing can throw a little added zest into a relationship.

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