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Do you want to listen to stuff going down of the four Oregon holdouts?

Asked by johnpowell (17878points) February 10th, 2016
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This is so fascinating. It is better than any tv or movie I have seen.

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Send legions of angels

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Resorting to prayer over grazing fees.

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Thanks for sharing this. I just tuned in.

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It is calm now. A few hours ago they were all “I will shoot the FBI before I go to jail.” with a ton of screaming.

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They’re lucky they don’t have brown skin or pray to Allah…

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Gotta give props to the FBI. They could have shut down the cell phone tower. Now they have enough rope to hang themselves.

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No idea what it’s about. Without context, it’s not terribly interesting.

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Is this still going on?

I thought everyone had taken their toys and gone home.

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buncha hunyocks. I feel like this confrontation was what they wanted all along.I can only imagine the grandiose ideas inside these guys heads.

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It has picked up again. They said they were surrendering at 8AM.. But just prayers for now.

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Three surrendered. David Fry refuses. Now going on about how he is pissed his taxes pay for abortions and something about big bubba raping him in prison.

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And Fry surrenders. I normally hate LEO but they did this one perfectly.

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